How to enter the Video Contest

Answer the following question in a video that is no longer than three minutes:

What is one new skill you learned this summer with your fair project? How can this experience positively influence your future? We encourage you to tell us as much as you can about your project and what goals you have accomplished. 


Videos will be scored out of 100 points on the following basis:

  • How well does the presentation address the theme - 30 points
  • Content and Organization - 30 points
  • Creativity & Elements of Design - 15 points
  • Overall Presentation - 15 points
  • Originality - 10 points

Submit your video by filling out the form below. Make sure your video is publicly available - if we are not able to view it, it will be disqualified.

Please be aware that you cannot save your progress or edit your submission, so we recommend only filling out the form when you are 100% sure it is complete and final.

Submit your Video Contest entry using the form below.