How to Create a Farm Transition Plan

Have you ever thought about your exit plan? What happens to your farming operation after you retire? Will the next generation be involved? How will you make that shift? These are all questions that you should be thinking about because having a transition/succession plan for the next generation of your farm can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Join us for our webinar series with PA Farm Link to learn what you need to consider and how to put your plan into action. Only interested in one of the meetings? That's okay - fill out the form below and we'll send you all of the materials and you can join or watch the replays when convenient for you.


This series took place over January and February 2021 but you can request replay videos and presentation materials by filling out the form below.


This webinar series was specifically designed to:

  • Teach you why you need a farm transition or succession plan
  • Educate you on what you need to consider before creating your plan
  • Educate you on how to communicate with your family to create the plan
  • Introduce you to other industry professionals that you'll need to make your plan legally binding

These webinars were recorded and made available to all registrants afterwards. If you have any questions you'd like our presenters to answer during the meetings, please email them to


This series is brought to you by PA Farm Link and the staff who make it their mission to help farming families transition their operations from one generation to the next. 

Pennsylvania Farm Link - Farm transition and succession planning


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Other resources you may find helpful and were discussed during our meetings: 


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