What to do Before Replanting a Crop

farm dog running through field of soybeansThis blog has been updated for 2021. 

As spring planting is soon upon us, we want to remind you that most corn and soybean policies provide replant coverage. Remember, once you have replanted a field, it is too late to file a claim. Replanting prior to receiving consent will result in your claim being denied.

If you find yourself needing to replant your crops this year, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Call before you replant:

A claim must be filed and the insurance company must be given time to inspect the damage prior to replanting the crop.

Self Cert Replants:

Our insurance providers offer an expedited claim process for replants that meet specific acreage requirements. Call your agent for details.

The requirements for self cert changed in 2020. The maximum acres allowed per unit was increased from 50 to 100. An adjuster must be assigned to review any unit with more than 100 acres being replanted.

Written Consent:

The insurance company must provide you with written consent prior to releasing acreage for replant. This includes crops that do not provide replant payments.

Don’t jeopardize your coverage.  Make sure to contact your agent right away when you have the first idea that you may need to replant. To learn more about Farm Credit’s crop insurance program and policies, call 888.339.3334 or visit FarmCreditCropInsurance.com.