Tech: Farming and Financing of Future

Please Note: This article originally appeared in the Delmarva Farmer Newspaper. Make sure to grab your paper copy!

By: Emily Walbert, Farm Credit crop insurance sales agent

There are many uncertainties in the agriculture industry, like the weather, commodity prices, yields, etc. One thing that we know of foremily spence walbert crop insurance agent midatlantic farm credit certain is that technology today is evolving at such a rapid pace, and it’s changing the way we farm. Digital tracking, computerized equipment, and real-time data allows us to produce more efficiently and sustainably, ultimately allowing us to grow more with less.

Today’s technology trends also allow us to better serve our members as Farm Credit crop insurance agents. Not only are the programs and tools we have in place helpful, but the partnerships we’ve formed in the industry have technology at their fingertips that surprises even the savviest of our customers.

Farm Credit crop insurance writes for Rain and Hail, who has partnered with John Deere’s online Operations Center to provide new features to streamline acreage and production reporting through a mapping system. Precision ag data can be digitally transferred from the John Deere Operations Center to Rain and Hail’s mapping system, minimizing the time during planting and harvest seasons.

Our crop insurance customers have the ability to quickly access their policy, claim, and billing summaries on Rain and Hail’s mobile-friendly customer portal, along with paying premiums and tracking production. Electronically signing documents makes life easier with little to no paperwork, being completed in the field on our iPads or at the office.

Map-based acreage reports are provided to all of our producers with aerial view maps of each farm on their policy, which they can write their planting information on. These maps can be forwarded to FSA to help in reporting acreage with their office and make seeing the “big picture” a lot easier.

Each producer receives individualized quotes per farm to see how each farm is impacted. We can add options, different coverage levels, and show different scenarios during sales closing, giving our customers the full spectrum. The technology in data collection and prediction has made our quoting ability even more accurate and reliable!

Although change can be difficult at times, we believe that when farmers truly embrace the changes in technology, their operations will benefit. Our crop insurance team is prepared to guide producers through their options with updated programs and software to ensure the best coverage. Contact us today at 888.339.3334 or visit to learn how we can help you protect your investment!