New Livestock Facility for State Fair VA

Local agricultural lender, MidAtlantic Farm Credit, in conjunction with Colonial Farm Credit and Farm Credit of the Virginias, announced they are partnering with the State Fair of Virginia to construct a modern livestock show facility at the Meadow Event Park in Caroline County, Virginia.

new livestock show building state fair of virginia sponsored by farm credit
Youth livestock shows are an important part of fair season that Farm Credit as a system is proud to support. 

“We are so excited to be able to support the youth of Virginia through this partnership” says Tom Truitt, CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit. “The building will be available year-round to hold ag-related activities for the community and opportunities for our youth to compete.” 

Construction is underway on the facility with an October completion, anticipated in time for a modified youth livestock show. The 42,000 square foot facility, which will be called the Farm Credit Pavilion, is partially enclosed with a (dirt) concrete floor, climate control, and 675 square feet of office and restroom facilities.

To learn more about how MidAtlantic Farm Credit supports youth and livestock shows, visit to check out our Virtual Livestock Showcase.