Leader: Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge

Volume 26 Issue 4

A Message from the President, Tom Truitt: 

Growing up, we're surrounded by people who try to impart their wisdom upon us - parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and even our friends. If we're lucky, we find a person or two who takes on the role of mentor, leaving an even more profound mark on who we become. 

The role these mentors play in our lives doesn't always stop when we get older - I can tell you that from experience. There is always something to learn, some new challenge to overcome, and somehow, mentors know just what to say to boost our confidence to get the job done. 

The four customers we feature in this issue of the Leader have dedicated their lives to helping people realize their potential, whether they are a high school student deciding on a career path or a seasoned farmer looking to improve their business practices. 

In keeping with the education theme, this issue recognizes the winners of our 2021 Virtual Showcase Contest. These talented kids have learned so much from their fair projects, and we're proud to award them for their efforts. And, for the high school seniors or those currently enrolled in a two- or four-year education program with plans to start a career in ag, don't forget to apply for the Farm Credit Foundation for Agricultural Advancement's Scholarship Program. 

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season,

-Tom Truitt, President and CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit

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Del Voight of Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Penn State Senior Extension Educator Del Voight finds creative ways to continue educating the ag community during and after the pandemic.

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Ed & Tonjia Mayne of Union Bridge, Maryland

Fueled by a passion for agricultural education, Ed and Tonjia Mayne of Union Bridge, Maryland, purchased a goat farm and use it to teach the next generation of agriculture. 

Read the Tonjia Mayne story here!

Brandon McCabe of Millsboro, Delaware

A sixth-generation farmer in Millsboro, Delaware, Brandon McCabe uses several lifetimes of farming knowledge to teach agricultural structures and engineering at a local high school.

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Tyler Butts of Hedgesville, West Virginia

A new high school opening that coincided with his college graduation put Tyler Butts of Hedgesville, West Virginia, in his dream position of returning home to teach agricultural youth. 

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