Leader: Rural Responders

Volume 25 Issue 3

A Message from the President, Tom Truitt: 

We’ve heard this phrase a lot over the past several months as teachers, nurses, doctors, medics, and other first responders scrambled to adapt and handle the aftermath of the arrival of COVID-19. It takes a certain person to risk their lives to serve others, and to all of you who made the selfless decision to go into that line of work, I speak for everyone at MidAtlantic Farm Credit when I say thank you.

Many of our neighbors are not only serving their community as a first responder, but also as an agricultural producer. The four members we feature in this issue are on the front lines for hours, battling fires or tending to injuries, then head home to put in more hours in the field or barn. [...]

This issue is special not only because of these incredible stories, but also because we feature the winners of our first-ever Virtual Showcase, created to give the youth across our footprint an opportunity to share their summer fair projects, as many local fairs looked very different this year. Check out pages 22-23 and if you recognize any of the names, please help me congratulate them on their accomplishment.

I know we’re all anxiously waiting to close the book on 2020. Despite the many challenges this year brought our way, we’ve all learned a lot about ourselves and the resiliency that makes up the agriculture industry. Without a doubt, we’re all walking into this new year wiser and stronger, and we look forward to working with you every step of the way.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season,

-Tom Truitt, President and CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit

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Jason Sauder of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

He joined his local volunteer fire company at the young age of 15. Today, he not only continues to volunteer, but he and his wife, Melissa, host training sessions with the fire company on their farm, where they raise cattle and grow corn and soybeans.

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Jonathan Ruff of Bel Air, Maryland

Jonathan is a full-time Lieutenant with the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department in addition to being a ninth-generation farmer. He owns and operates Ruffs Chance Farm, a 131 acre operation where he grows corn and soybeans, and raises Black Angus cattle.

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Ken Blair of Belle Haven, Virginia

Ken is an Army veteran turned poultry grower, farms 29 acres with his wife, Marissa, in Belle Haven, Virginia. After leaving the Army, Ken remained in service, becoming a member of the National Guard and firefighter/paramedic. Today, he’s preparing to go through flight surgeon training while sharpening his beekeeping skills. I’d love just an ounce of this guy’s energy.

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Caroline “Dixie” Boyd Scheulen of Winchester, Virginia

Dixie comes from a long line of farmers, which taught her all about work ethic. She became a nurse, and today, she juggles that with running a 1,000 acre operation and event venue with her family.

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