Leader Magazine: Agriculture's Heroes

Volume 24 Issue 3

A Message from the President, Tom Truitt: 

“As kids, we all learn the lyrics to songs like “God Bless America”, “The Grand Old Flag”, and “The Star Spangled Banner”. We recite them to our teachers and parents, but it’s not until we get a little older when we start to fully grasp the meaning behind these songs, and begin to put faces to those who play a major role in what they stand for.

Our nation’s veterans left everything they ever knew behind—their hometown, family, and friends—to fight for our freedom. Each of them has a unique story to tell, and in this special issue of the Leader, we introduce you to three of our members who also happen to have served out country in the greatest way possible.

To all the veterans out there, retired or currently serving, you are what makes America the “Home of the Brave”. The sacrifices you’ve made are ones I can only imagine. On behalf of everyone at MidAtlantic Farm Credit, thank you for your service.”

-Tom Truitt, President and CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit


Three Plain Bays - Living the Dream

David Dale and horse.

Story and Photos by Susan Walker

When David Dale first saw the 29.5 acre equine farm in Conowingo, Maryland in 2005, the grass was at least three feet tall, there was manure everywhere, and the house was in rough shape. He was home on leave from active duty in Iraq, where he was a Senior Instructor Pilot flying Blackhawk helicopters as part of a combat unit of the Delaware National Guard deployed in support of operation Iraqi Freedom III.

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Judith Farm - A Frontline Family Tradition

Roger and Karen Davis in front of their home.

Story by Katie Ward and Photos by Morgan Figgins

Growing up on a farm with both parents as World War II combat veterans set the stage for Roger Davis’ future. Roger and his wife, Karen, now own and operate Judith Farm, a poultry and grain farm in Dover, Delaware, after retiring from the U.S. Army and teaching.

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J & L Green Farm - Soldiering Through a Sustainable Tactic

Jordan Green and loan officer Jason Miller.

Story and Photos by Andrea Haines

Agricultural producers typically have a positive marque surrounding work ethic. Working from sun-up to sun-down, that tough-made grit and never-ending energy have proven trademark qualities. Few careers hold a candle to this lifestyle’s ambition; one of which stands out is the military. Jordan Green, owner and operator of J & L Green Farm with his wife, Laura, in Edinburg, Virginia, encompasses all of the qualities that come from having a strong work ethic.

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