How to Lead your Cooperative

Lead your Association by becoming a Board or Nominating Committee Member

When you become a member-borrower with Farm Credit, you’re not just another number. You run a unique operation and have a unique outlook on how you run your business. Which is exactly what we need to help lead our cooperative to success.

What does being a Cooperative have to do with anything?

A lot! Farm Credit is unique from other lenders because of our cooperative structure. To keep it short and sweet, when the Association does well, you do well. We distribute profits back to our members through patronage returns, which lessens your cost of borrowing (Learn about patronage in just 90 seconds here!).

But, the thing is, we can’t do well unless we have strong members to help lead us. That’s where our Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee come into play.

How do I become a Director or Join the Nominating Committee?

The most important part of being a member-borrower is recognizing that YOU have a say in what happens at MidAtlantic Farm Credit. Many of the reasons we do business the way we do, comes from the Board of Directors and members of the Nominating Committee. These folks are elected by you, the member-borrowers, to help run the association. (In the interest of clarity: All positions are elected except two outside directors, who are appointed by the board to bring unique areas of expertise to the organization).

Our Nominating Committee will be meeting later this month to establish the candidates for the 2017 election. Would you like to be considered? Here is some information on the roles and responsibilities of being a Director:

While our employees carry out the daily functions of running the Association, our Board of Directors (also member-borrowers, just like you) are responsible for:

  • Creating and establishing policies
  • Providing strategic direction
  • Overseeing management and major functions
  • Evaluating your co-op’s position and setting goals for the future
  • Developing the process to reach those goals

As a Director you also:

  • Provide input on patronage distributions (both the amount and the timeframe for distributions)
  • Network with other leaders in the agriculture industry, including elected officials
  • Network with your other board members
  • Gain access to cutting edge speakers and training opportunities
  • Have the opportunity to travel and see agriculture around the country

All of these opportunities make you a strong board member, but also a well-educated business owner – not to mention, you get paid to learn!

So, let your voice be heard. Whether it’s running for a position as a director, or joining the nominating committee to help find good candidates, we need your unique perspective to help MidAtlantic Farm Credit continue serving rural America.

Interested in running for a position, or looking for more information? Give us a call at 888.339.3334 and ask for Cathy Blair, Corporate Secretary.