The Current State of Ag Industry 2018

The results are in! If you joined us at one of our Annual Stockholder Meetings this year, you may recall us switching it up a bit and asking you to share your voice with us.

If you weren’t able to attend, here’s the scoop: we passed out 100 clicker remotes at each of our three meetings to survey attendees on their feelings about the current state of the ag industry. Click the button below to share your thoughts.

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Here are the results from all of our meetings combined (scroll all the way down for text results):

As we have seen numerous challenges take place in the marketplace today, we were surprised to see an overwhelming majority of our attendees feeling positive about how they expect their operation to perform this year.

When thinking about what concerns everyone did have for the next 12 months, the most frequently chosen were higher input costs, changing regulations, international trade tariffs and weather.

As we await the pending Farm Bill for 2018, we also asked what the main concerns were. Most seem to be concerned with trade and market development, the availability of credit and commodity programs. Coming in close behind are research and extension, conservation and rural development – it’s hard to pick just three.

When it comes to an agricultural guest worker program, over half of our attendees don’t find this important to their operations.

To cap it all off, we asked our guests to tell us their age. It’s no secret that the average age of a farmer in the United States has been creeping up over the last decade to 56 years old. For all three of our meetings total, 54% of our guests ranged from 50-69 years old.

How do you feel about the ag industry today? Head over to the survey and share your voice with us. We’ll be using these results to make sure our association is in line to support what matters to you and your community.

2018 MidAtlantic Farm Credit Annual Meeting Survey Recap: The Current State of the Ag Industry
1. Compared to 2017, do you think that 2018 will be a better year or a worse year for your operation?
A. Better 70%
B. Worse 30%

2. What are your top three concerns in the next 12 months? (Select largest concern first)
A. Higher input costs 16%
B. Lower income/Lower commodity prices 11%
C. Higher interest rates 11%
D. Changes to the Farm Bill 7%
E. Succession planning 5%
F. Changing regulations 15%
G. Finding labor 5%
H. International trade/tariffs 14%
I. Weather 15%
J. Other 1%

3. Please choose your top three priorities for the upcoming Farm Bill: (Select largest concern first)
A. Rural Development 11%
B. Nutrition 5%
C. Commodity Programs 13%
D. Conservation 11%
E. Crop Insurance 5%
F. Energy 10%
G. Research and Extension 11%
H. Trade/Market Develop. 21%
I. Credit 13%

4. How important to your farm operation is dependable access to an efficient and effective agricultural guest worker program?
A. Very Important 21%
B. Somewhat Important 16%
C. Not Important 63%

5. Please choose your age group:
A. 20-29  11%
B. 30-39  15%
C. 40-49  11%
D. 50-59  21%
E. 60-69  23%
F. 70-79   13%
G. 80+       6%