AgPitch19 is now AgShowcase19

The past two years have featured agricultural and aquaculture innovators vying for an audience determined prize. This year, we will feature four of the most cutting-edge agricultural innovators either based in Maryland, or opening up new operations in the state. Join us for these fascinating TED styled talks about how these entrepreneurs are changing the face of agriculture in Maryland (and around the country). MidAtlantic Farm Credit is proud to sponsor this event at the upcoming 2019 Rural Summit in Annapolis, MD on December 12, 2019. 

This session will feature audience voting/participation to determine award amounts for the presenters based on relevance, innovation and other factors. 

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Featured companies are:

terrapulse logo

terraPulse - College Park

Advances in satellite technology and big-data computation have enabled large-scale assessment and monitoring of land use by government, commercial, scientific, and philanthropic organizations. Established in 2014, terraPulse, Inc. is a technology company devoted to creating timely, accurate information about the changing world and delivering robust geospatial solutions to serve the sustainable development and conservation of natural resources.

TerraPulse mines global, long-term satellite imagery to map and monitor land and its changes over time. Including standard and custom geospatial datasets, our machine-learning algorithms deliver long-term, globally consistent data to monitor current conditions, retrieve site histories, and detect significant changes anywhere in the world.

The scientists at terraPulse created the world's first high- resolution global maps of tree and water cover, as well as the world's first annual, 30-m resolution time-serial maps of impervious surface cover. TerraPulse produces a variety of satellite-based indices at up to 10-m, daily resolution, as well as longer-term summaries of historical conditions and variability.

Relied upon by agencies as large as NASA, World Bank, and the US Bureau of Land Management, our algorithms apply decades of expertise in satellite image analysis to automate the provision of actionable, near real time, and cost-effective decision-making tools to serve land and natural resource economies.

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mercaris logo

Mercaris - Silver Spring

Our market data and trading platforms are helping to grow organic and non-GMO agriculture in the U.S. The development of sustainable agriculture is at a critical point. While some resources are in place to educate consumers, address public policy, and support scientific research on sustainable agricultural crops, far less emphasis has been placed on the market infrastructure upon which participants, from producers to retailers, depend. Mercaris was formed to address this gap through two types of services. First, we provide up-to-date, accurate information on market conditions for organic and non-GMO commodities. Second, our trading platform allows buyers and sellers to meet on-line and trade physical commodities.


ovipost logo

Ovipost - Cordova 

Ovipost builds automated cricket farms. Crickets are the most efficient way to convert abundant, cheap byproducts into nutritionally dense protein. Today crickets are a $100m industry in the US, but the future of the industry is leveraging crickets' excellent amino acid profile and superior digestibility to replace fishmeal ($9.5B industry) and other expensive proteins in animal feeds. Co-founded by Trina Chiasson (sold Infoactive to Tableau) and Brendan Sassmannshaus (hardware engineer with background in biotech), the Ovipost team has deep experience in hardware, software, and biology. 

Check out their promotional video here

madtech modern agronomy logo

MadTech Modern Agronomy - Huntingtown

AgPitch 2018 Winner

MADTECH Modern Agronomy uses innovative tools such as drones and technology to help farmers identify issues and challenges on their farm. By providing comprehensive and detailed information about their crops, farmers are able to increase yield by up to 30% and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Our tools detect drainage and irrigation issues, control pest and disease damage, and pinpoint proper fertilizer placement resulting in less runoff into environmental waterways.