5 Reasons to Shop Local Markets

5 Reasons to Shop Local Farmers Markets

Did you know August 7 – 13 is National Farmers Market Week? Even if you didn’t, it’s not too late to stop by your local market and support your local farmer. When you support locally grown produce, you’re gaining more than just farm fresh produce to feed your family.

Here are 5 important things that happen when you shop at your local farmers market!

1. You’re helping your local farmer sustain and grow his business.

When farmers sell their produce at a farmers market, they typically earn a better return than when they sell wholesale. Shopping at a farmers market means you’re supporting the investments that farmer is making in his business and helping him earn the capital needed to improve facilities and expand the operation

2. You’re helping your local economy.

Local businesses (including farms) recirculate a greater share of every dollar earned back into the local economy and create a stronger local supply chain. This helps create jobs and supports your neighbors and small business owners.

3. You’re helping the environment.

As the distance decreases between where your food is grown and your table, the environment reaps all kinds of benefits.  Carbon emissions and extra packaging that contribute to air and water pollution are reduced, keeping our communities cleaner.

4. Your health is likely to improve.

According to the Farmers Market Coalition, the proximity of farmers markets appears to be associated with a lower body mass index and the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.

5. You could find yourself happier.

Many people that shop at farmers markets experience more social interaction with fellow shoppers and even the farmers that grow their food. These interactions correlate with improved health and implies public health benefits.

Check out the Farmers Market Coalition to learn more about the benefits to farmers markets or find your local farmers market using the USDA’s local food directory!

Bonus: Share your favorite recipe in the comments below, using your favorite items from your farmers market, and we’ll send you a reusable tote to take your next haul home in.