2020 Election Results

MidAtlantic Farm Credit has announced the results of their 2020 Board of Directors and nominating committee elections.

The Board of Director election winners are: Paul D. Baumgardner (Central Maryland election region); Jennifer “Jenny” L. Rhodes (Chesapeake election region); and Laura M. Heilinger (Keystone election region). Each Director was elected to a four year term. There were no open positions in MidAtlantic’s Delaware, Marva or Valley election regions.

Those elected to the 2021 nominating committee are: Eric L. Beam and Taylor B. Huffman (Central Maryland election region); Edward Robinson and Hannah N. Cawley (Chesapeake election region); Fred N. West III and Kristin Baxter Malin (Delaware election region); Jerry L. Musser and J. Peter Flynn (Keystone election region); Lee W. Richardson and Christopher Robert Bunting (Marva election region); and Charles R. Garber and Diane S. Kearns (Valley election region). Each member of the nominating committee was elected to a one year term.

MidAtlantic Farm Credit is a member-owned cooperative, and part of the national Farm Credit System. The Association’s Board of Directors and nominating committee members are Farm Credit borrowers, elected by other borrowers, and work together to make sure the Association continues to fulfill its mission to support America’s farming families.

“Farm Credit’s unique cooperative structure brings value to our customers,” says Tom Truitt, CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit. “Our board members are comprised of our borrowers, who are considered members of Farm Credit and have a voice in how we operate as an Association. Although our current operating structure looks a bit different than years’ past given the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate everyone who took the time to vote in the election.”

The 2020 election took place via mail and email, with the ballots going out to all voting stockholders in April. For more information about MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s board of directors, or to learn how you can become a candidate for a board position, please visit mafc.com/about/leadership/board-directors.