2020 Election Candidates

2020 Director and Nominating Committee Candidates

Updated 5/8/2020: The 2020 election has closed. You can view the 2020 Election Results here

Our 2020 Director and Nominating Committee election is right around the corner. This year, you’ll have the option to vote either by mail or online. Ballots will be hitting mailboxes in mid-April, and instructions on how to vote by your method of choice will be included. In this blog post, you can learn about our 2020 director and nominating committee candidates and if you have any questions, give us a call at 888.339.3334!

Central Maryland Election Region, Candidate 1 of 2

Paul D. Baumgardner
Emmitsburg, MD

Farm Credit Member Since: 1992

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: The farm in Emmitsburg, Maryland has been in the family for four generations, growing 500 acres of grain, hay, cattle and poultry.  For our country market, the farm provides eggs, poultry, beef, and produce.

Family: Wife, Susie, is employed at Mount St. Mary's University, sons Dwight and Mark Baumgardner, stepchildren, Chad, Katie and Adam Knox.  Chad is involved with the farm and manages the retail operation.

Employment and business experience for past five years: Owner, operator of Baumgardner Farms in Emmitsburg, Maryland and The Harvest Barn Country Market in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business): I currently serve on the MidAtlantic Farm Credit Board of Directors and Audit Committee. 

Community Involvement/Government Service: Farm Bureau Member and Member of Tom's Creek United Methodist Church

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? My vision for the future of agriculture is for farmers to become more efficient and work with consumers to help them understand changes occurring in the agricultural industry.  I believe it is important to educate farmers and consumers in the practices of good conservation.  Being cooperative-minded will financially benefit farmers.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? The primary issues facing agriculture today is a shrinking land base with extremely high entry cost to farmers, especially young farmers. Low commodity prices is an ongoing issue.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? I want to serve on the Board to continue to see that profits from the cooperative are returned to shareholders and that the Board embraces positive change.

Central Maryland Election Region, Candidate 2 of 2

Taylor B. Huffman
Thurmont, MD

Farm Credit Member Since: 2016

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: We own approximately 325 acres in Northern Frederick County and farm a total of 450 acres. We have a hay and crop farm as well as an agritourism business in the summer and fall. We grow a variety of seasonal items such as pumpkins, gourds, sweet corn and sunflowers.

Family: My husband Brandon Huffman and I have continued my family’s farm and are third generation farmers. We have a two year old daughter named Jana and we will be welcoming a son this year as well.

Employment and business experience for past five years: I have been in the real estate industry for nine years and especially enjoy handling transactions of land and farms. I also help my husband with the production of hay and the agritourism business on the farm. I am the one behind the marketing, advertising and coordination of the businesses we have at the farm. I am looking forward to transitioning to the farm full time in the coming years.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business): 

  • Maryland Agricultural Commission
  • Maryland Land Preservation Foundation Trustee
  • Maryland Young Farmers Advisory Board

Community Involvement/Government Service: Actively engaging in local community programs and providing opportunities through our farm and businesses to donate back to those in need. We host free youth events at the farm as well as encourage any young people interested in being involved in the agricultural industry.

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? My vision for the future of agriculture is for it to remain a staple in the American culture. I see the decline in the young adults’ interest and involvement in the family farms and farming lifestyle. My hope is to inspire them to be involved in agriculture in some way.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? The volatile markets for agriculture products and the ability to receive financing for land. Being in the real estate industry, I have come across many people that would love to pursue farming, but lack the financial ability to do so. Finding a way or creating programs to help people, especially young farmers, get off the ground.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? My desire to serve on the Board of Directors comes from the hope that I can bring my experience and knowledge, from a young person's perspective, of the real estate and agricultural industries to the board to help better the services and programs MidAtlantic Farm Credit offers to my peers.

Keystone Election Region, Candidate 1 of 2

Cheryl A. Fairbairn
Coatesville, PA

Farm Credit Member Since: 1990

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: My husband and I operate Lisnageer Farm, home to 120 registered Angus cows.  We retain and sell purebred breeding stock, including bulls and females, and sell the remainder of the steers and heifers to two feedlots in Lancaster County.  We also make about 300 acres of hay which is mainly used in the cow/calf operation.  Although all of our cattle are registered, they are run as any commercial herd would be on grass and round bale hay. Complete performance date is kept along with the use of genomic testing to identify superior animals kept in the herd.  We also operate a USDA final inspection facility that assists USDA and American exporters with the housing of cattle or horses headed to the Middle East and Russia. 

Family: My husband Bill and I are both Penn State University graduates with degrees in animal production.  I also have my Masters of Business Management, Business Administration from Penn State. Our daughter Caitlin, who also graduated from Penn State with a degree in animal science, (business option) is a poultry technician for Tyson Foods in New Holland and has worked there since 2011.  Our son Ryan graduated from Penn State with a degree in animal science, (science option)  then obtained his veterinary degree from Purdue University in 2015.  He began work as a reproductive specialist with Trans Ova Genetics in Iowa in 2015 and is currently working for Trans Ova Genetics in Turlock, California.

Employment and business experience for past five years: I have been employed by Penn State Extension since 1979 and in the past five years have been part of the State Extension Livestock Team with my emphasis being on beef cattle production and financial management.  During that time, I also was in charge of the 4-H Livestock program in Chester County which included beef, sheep, swine, and horse projects. In 2018, we were fortunate to hire a 4-H educator to take over the 4-H programs so I could concentrate fully on adult education across the state. I conduct educational programs for beef, sheep and swine producers along with four other extension educators across the state. I am also available for farm visits and telephone discussions, and can assist producers both large and small with their questions. If I don't know the answer, I can search among other extension personnel and industry professionals to seek the best answer for the client. I have assisted Dr. Tara Felix with her research in calf fed Holsteins and have spoken on the basic economic factors that can affect that enterprise. Prior to the formation of state teams, I also worked with corn, soybean and forage producers.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business): 

  • PA Angus Association Director, elected for 2020 (also served as president for two years and vice president for two years), 
  • PA Beef Quality Assurance Commission board member for the past six years, 
  • PA Livestock Association, currently a board member but was Vice Chairman for the previous four years, 
  • PA Center for Beef Excellence - Past Treasurer and board member, 
  • PA Cattlemens Association - Past Treasurer and board member;

All of these organizations worked towards the betterment of the beef industry throughout Pennsylvania. 

  • Beef Producers Working Group (Current Chairman) - This organization collaborates with Penn State Extension, PA Cattlemen's Association, the Center for Beef Excellence, and the PA Beef Producers Council with funding from the PA Department of Agriculture to provide educational programs to beef producers across the state. My responsibilities include working with a committee of representatives from all groups mentioned to decide on programming and funding that will be put towards each program. 

Community Involvement/Government Service: 

  • Member of Saint Peters Catholic Church in West Brandywine, PA, 
  • Farm Show Junior Advisory Committee, 
  • Chair of 2020 National Junior Angus Show Executive Committee, to be held at the PA Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA, 
  • Voting delegate to the American Angus Convention for the PA Angus Association, 
  • Member of the Chester County Ag Task Force

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? I feel there is a strong future for agriculture, but a future filled with many technological changes. The world’s population is expected to expand by 50% by 2050 so the need for increased production on the same amount of land is imperative. In order to accomplish this, farmers will have to employ new methods to increase yields on the same amount of arable land, keeping the environment and the wants and needs of the consumer in mind while battling activist groups who want to see the end of these technological advances. Farmers will have to be astute businessmen, knowing when and what to invest in and how to make the most of their operations.  They will also need to understand marketing, effective communications, and search out every potential for the most efficient method in which to operate. Both small and large farms can meet these needs, but none will survive unless they are willing to move forward and embrace change. America has always been the bread basket of the world, and I believe that will continue into the future.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? The primary issue facing agriculture is the need to adapt to new technologies to become more efficient. While attempting to do this, producers must also face the constant barrage from activist groups against these technologies, along with helping consumers understand why we do what we do in American agriculture. We also must realize we are now part of a global economy meeting the needs of people across the world, not just in our back yard. In order to survive, we must sharpen our pencils and understand the efficiencies needed in our operations to make a living at what we are so good at doing - producing a high quality product sought after by people across the globe. Farmers must have capital to invest in these new ventures and Farm Credit must be ready to assist with these investments.  But it must be a partnership, where farmers provide complete business plans and enterprise analysis to assist lenders with making sound decisions on lending for these new ventures. Lenders must also understand these new ventures. Both sides must work together to understand the new venture and the economic potential for investing.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? I believe in paying back for what one has received and Farm Credit has been to good our family through the years.  We had excellent loan officers in the beginning years when credit was needed and the potential for income was there, but in the distant future. They believed in us and worked with us and I would like to see that continue for future generations. Farm Credit understands farms more than any other banking institution. With the increases in technology and increase in needs to finance these new technologies, I believe Farm Credit has the best opportunity to understand these new innovations and their application to a specific operation. Through this understanding and the understanding of sound lending principles, Farm Credit can continue to be the leader in assisting farms to make major improvements that will keep them in existence for years to come. If I can be of help making that happen, then I am happy to be part of the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit.

Keystone Election Region, Candidate 2 of 2

Laura M. Heilinger
Lebanon, PA

Farm Credit Member Since: 2008

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: My husband Bruce and I own and operate a dairy farm. We milk 140 head of Brown Swiss and Holsteins and have approximately 130 head of replacement heifers. We raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and some small grains on 350 acres.

Family: Husband, Bruce, and two children. Emily (22) is a Penn State graduate in animal science. She is getting married in March 2020 and is working for Premier Select Sires. Austin (18) is a senior at Northern Lebanon High School and is planning to attend the University of Northwest Ohio for agriculture and diesel mechanics.

Employment and business experience for past five years: I am a graduate of Delaware Valley University in animal science. In the past, I have been a management trainee for Agway and a nutrient management specialist for Lebanon County Conservation District before joining my husband managing a dairy farm for the last 23 years.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business):             

  • MidAtlantic Farm Credit board - Governance Committee chair
  • Lancaster /Lebanon Farm Service Agency board - Chair and Vice Chair
  • Lebanon County 4-H board - provide direction for 4-H in Lebanon County
  • PA Brown Swiss Association -promoting the Brown Swiss cattle breed

Community Involvement/Government Service: 

  • Norte could 4-H Dairy Club - organizational leader
  • Lebanon 4-H Dairy Beef club - leader
  • Mt. Zion Goshert’s U.C.C.  - member
  • Lebanon County Holstein club - member
  • PA Holstein Association - member

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? I believe that the future of agriculture will shift to farms being either small with a direct to the consumer approach or large production focused type farms. Small farms will need to diversify and specialize in order to ride out low commodity prices to remain profitable. I also see more technological advances in agriculture, whether it is robotics or precision farming.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? Being in a population dense area, farmers will see increasing regulatory issues with land, labor, odor, and nutrient management. Consumers are also becoming more disconnected to agriculture. Land availability and prices, along with rising costs of production, also are major issues.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? I want to continue serving on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit (MAFC) because I want to be able to give back to my community. MAFC is a cooperative that is making a difference in the community and I want to help them continue to grow and succeed.

Chesapeake Election Region, Candidate 1 of 2

Harry F. Moreland III
Preston, MD

Farm Credit Member Since: 1987

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: Farming 750 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, and rye, and baling all my straw in small square bales.

Family: Married to my wife and farming partner Elaine for the past 37 years. 

Employment and business experience for past five years: Custom boom mowing, brokering poultry litter, cleaning out chicken houses, and selling seed.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business): Caroline County Agricultural Reconciliation Committee and the Caroline County Extension Advisory Committee.

Community Involvement/Government Service: Attend Harmony United Methodist Church weekly and belong to the Christian Farmers Outreach.  Actively involved in Farm Bureau for the past twenty six years, where I served as county president for 10 years, state vice president for five years, and PAC board chairman for four years.

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? A prosperous viable industry where a capable, hardworking intelligent young person can start farming and earn a decent living.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? The continuing cost/price squeeze which is causing financial stress for farmers and accelerating the farm consolidation process by requiring ever larger operations in order to be viable. Also, the ever increasing average age of farmers and landowners whose assets will have to be transferred to the next generation. Both of these issues will require tremendous amounts of capital and financing.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? I believe I would be an asset, as I am an independent thinker with a passion for agriculture, whose three areas of career interest have always been agriculture, business and politics.

Chesapeake Election Region, Candidate 2 of 2

Jennifer "Jenny" L. Rhodes
Centreville, MD

Farm Credit Member Since: 1998

Brief Description of Agricultural Operation: Deerfield Farms LLC, a 110 acre poultry and grain operation. The farms consist of four poultry houses, producing a half a million antibiotic free broilers annually, and an irrigated grain farm producing corn, wheat, soybeans, and cover crop. My farm was the first poultry farm in the state of Maryland to receive the Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program (FSCAP) certification through the Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts. FSCAP was developed to acknowledge those farmers who are good stewards of their natural resources and to encourage and reward farmers to put more conservation best management practices (BMPs) on the land. The farm was one of the first farms to install vegetative environmental buffers. The variety of buffers consist of switch grasses, miscanthus grass and trees. The farm has installed all the latest animal welfare, environmental, and technology features, advanced ventilation, temperature controls, and state of the art controllers that stream to our phones and iPads. On my grain farm, we installed irrigation as part of our risk management plan and for better utilization of nutrients. We use poultry litter along with commercial fertilizer. Both farms have nutrient management plans and soil and water conservation plans.

Family: My parents are C. Temple Rhodes, Jr. and Patricia A. Rhodes, owners and operators of Chestnut Vale Farms. I have two sons: Chris and Ryan. Chris and his wife Shannon are the owners and operators of Black Dog Farm. Ryan and his wife Rachel are the owners and operators of Shore Pleasure Farms. I have five perfect grandchildren, Hunter (8), Cole (6), Oliver (3), Audrey (1), and Henry (1). We all have separate farm operations, but we work together as a family. Jeff Rathell, my fiancée’, is the owner of Rathell Sales and Service, LLC and Board Chairman for Choptank Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Employment and business experience for past five years: I am also employed as the Principal Agent (county ag agent) for Agriculture and Food Systems, University of Maryland Extension, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. As the county agriculture agent, I am responsible for planning, implementing, and teaching educational programs in a variety of delivery modes. This includes the interpretation and dissemination of the latest research findings in the following fields: agriculture production and profitability, risk management, and poultry production. Other duties include supervision of my administrative assistant, program assistant, and the nutrient management advisor. I carefully review and approve each nutrient management plan. I prepare information for the media, develop grants, and solicit funds for projects to enhance programs, develop strong relationships with county, regional, state and national organizations, and serve on University committees, including leadership roles on local and state committees and professional associations. My overall goal is to help farmers succeed in producing and marketing agricultural products in a manner that results in economic, family, community, and environmental sustainability. At the end of each day, I know I have done my best to educate our community on agricultural related matters by protecting our soil, water, air, and quality of life.

Other boards or committees served in the past 5 years (and principal business):             

  • MidAtlantic Farm Credit - Board Chairman and Director
  • Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. - Board member and Past President
  • Queen Anne’s County Farm Bureau – Board member
  • Queen Anne’s Soil Conservation – Board member
  • US Roundtable for Sustainable Poultry and Eggs - Board member
  • Maryland Association of County Agricultural Agents – member
  • National Association of County Agricultural Agents – member

Community Involvement/Government Service: 

  • Compass Regional Hospice, board member
  • Mid-Shore Community Foundation, board member
  • Tidewater Farm Club, member
  • 4-H All Stars - Queen Anne’s County, member
  • Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church, member
  • Maryland State Farm Service Agency (FSA) Committee, Chairman
  • Dean’s Global Leadership Council, member
  • Past member Maryland Regulatory Reform Commission represent Agriculture
  • Past member of Maryland Agricultural Commission

What is your vision for the future of agriculture? My vision for the future of agriculture is that farmers will be respected as an industry and especially for their practices, while all aspects of agriculture work together. We must work together to share our farming stories while we move forward with technology to feed, fuel and clothe the world. My final vision is that all of agriculture can succeed in producing and marketing agricultural products in a manner that results in economic, family, community, and environmental sustainability.

What do you believe are the primary issues facing agriculture and MidAtlantic Farm Credit? When I found my passion for this industry years ago, I never would have expected to see the variety of issues facing agriculture as we have today. Primary issues include emerging markets, technologies and career paths. MidAtlantic Farm Credit isn’t the same either.

Technology from broadband service to precision agriculture, and the use of machine and artificial intelligence will shape how agriculture evolves in the future. Will machine intelligence take the place of our farm labor problems, which is a substantial issue? It all has to be financially sustainable.

Emerging markets seem to be consumer driven. We (agriculture) need to be proactive and not reactive. We need to figure out what consumers want before they do.

The next generation is so important. There are so many careers in agriculture, it is not just about being a farmer anymore. As a farmer myself, I know we need many services. Educating today’s students about the many career opportunities in agriculture is vital.

One primary issue for MidAtlantic Farm Credit is how to service the wide diversity of farmers from applying for loans online to the personal touch of driving up your farm lane. Staying with their mission of supporting and financing rural areas is of the utmost importance.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors for MidAtlantic Farm Credit? Agriculture has not only shaped who I am today, but it’s allowed me to find my purpose. My entire life revolves around agriculture. All of my experiences have given me a very strong work ethic and a solid foundation in agriculture. I am where I am today because of MidAtlantic Farm Credit. My passion for Farm Credit goes back to 1998, after a divorce. Farm Credit helped me so I could raise my sons on our poultry farm.

My knowledge of our industry, strategic leadership skills, and understanding of the region drive my passion for the Farm Credit cooperative system, and is the force behind my aspiration to serve of the MidAtlantic Farm Credit Board. It would be an honor to represent the over 11,000 members/owners of MidAtlantic Farm Credit.

Nominating Committee Candidates

The following candidates have been nominated for the 2021 Nominating Committee:

(Two open positions per region)

Central Maryland Election Region

Position #1

Eric L. Beam – Westminster, MD - Eric is a second generation farmer in Carroll County.  He grows 300 acres of corn, soybeans and hay. He also runs an expanding beef cow herd.

William Mike Herbert – Millers, MD - William has been involved in small horse operations for over 35 years.  He has a small farm with hay a operation. Currently involved with preservation group in Carroll County.

Bradley L. Humbert – Westminster, MD - Brad operates a direct to consumer beef and lamb business and grows hops on his family farm in Carroll County.  He was the head brewer for four years at Milkhouse Brewery, Maryland’s first farm brewery, and is now the director of operations for Dark Cloud Malthouse.  The malthouse processes locally grown grains that are then used by craft breweries in the area.  In recent years, he has been a board member of the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association and The North East Hop Alliance.

Position #2

Kathleen (Katie) W. Carr – Sharpsburg, MD - Katie Carr is a resident of Washington County, MD and owner of a 25 acre farm producing hay and horses.  She is a semi-retired veterinarian and the principle manager of Quantum Leap Eventing, LLC, an equestrian-based business focused on the sport of three-day eventing.  Dr. Carr is active in the Washington County ag community, representing the equine community on the Washington County Agriculture Education Center’s Board of Directors, a volunteer on the Washington County Ag Marketing Board, and an ad hoc participant in the Washington County Horse Council.  Dr. Carr previously served on the MidAtlantic Farm Credit Nominating Committee in 2018.

Taylor B. Huffman – Thurmont, MD - Taylor and her husband Brandon Huffman own/operate a 327 acre hay and crop farm in Thurmont, MD.  Taylor was raised on these family farms and has since purchased them from her father’s estate to continue the operation.  Taylor is also a licensed realtor and member of the Maryland Young Farmers Advisory Board, a trustee of the Maryland Land Preservation Foundation and in her spare time, she loves spending it at the farm with her daughter Jana.

Chesapeake Election Region

Position #1

David A. Hill – Kennedyville, MD –

Edward Robinson – Marydel, MD -

Position #2

Hannah N. Cawley – Denton, MD - Hannah is a full time farmer, wife and mom of two young children.  Her and her husband Matt own 140 acres in Caroline County, as well as work on her family’s farm of 1,200 acres which includes grain and vegetables.  At 19 years old, while attending college and with the financial help of MidAtlantic Farm Credit, she made the decision to purchase a cucumber harvest to help expand her family’s business and has been harvesting ever since.  She is a Maryland Nutrient Management consultant, Farm Bureau member, Caroline Ag Advisory Board member, and scholarship committee member at her local church.

Garrett D. Luthy – Cambridge, MD -

Delaware Election Region

Position #1

Mark G. Briggs – Georgetown, DE - Mark is a fourth generation farmer in Sussex County, tilling ninety acres of corn and soybeans, and operating eleven poultry houses.  He has been farming full time for over twenty-five years.  Mark is  a lifetime member of the local volunteer fire company and volunteers with a local youth baseball organization.  He has been happily married for over twenty years and has two sons who work on the farm.

Fred N. West III – Frankford, DE - Fred is a third generation farmer on his Sussex County farm.  Along with his father and son, they grown 2,800 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and sorghum, as well as operate two poultry farms.  Fred has been farming full time since he graduated the University of Delaware.

Position #2

Richard “Rick” W. Dickerson – Laurel, DE - Rick is a fifth generation farmer. Currently growing grain, processing fresh vegetables and operates an on farm market.  He is growing poultry for Perdue. Rick serves on several farm related boards. POB Laurel Farm Auction Block, POB MidAtlantic Soybean association, Delaware Soybean member, National BTO Diesel Board, is a member of M&T Bank Ag Board, Member of Delaware Council of Farms and also FSA County Committee Board member.

Kristen Baxter Malin – Georgetown, DE - Kristy farms and co-manages Baxter Farms, Inc in Georgetown, DE as a fourth-generation farmer alongside her brother Jay Baxter.  Farming was a passion which she couldn’t ignore, even after several years of achieving a Doctorate and pursuing an alternate career. But these days, responsibilities in the office to poultry house tasks, driving equipment to hauling grain, she is dedicated to all aspects of the 2,000+ acre operation. And without a doubt, she has at least one side kick close by as a mother of two which goes to show the love and commitment for the generations to come.


Keystone Election Region

Position #1

Marcus “Marc” S. Howell – Chester Springs, PA - Marc is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and currently works in finance.  Together with his wife (a third generation horsewoman) and daughters, they run a successful thoroughbred breeding operation.  He looks forward to using his unique combination of farming and financial experience to assist the MidAtlantic Farm Credit community.

Jerry L. Musser – Newmanstown, PA - Jerry is a full time dairy farmer milking 170 cow with 150 replacement heifers.  He farms 300 acres of corn and beans and raises all our bull calves to feed out as steers.  He also is a partner in a custom harvesting crew.  Jerry is active with Holstein Association, Lebanon County Holstein Club, and a member with Farm Bureau.

Position #2

J. Peter Flynn – Westtown, PA - Pete is a recovering dairy farmer that now grows sweet corn, pumpkins, and other vegetables for this farm market.  Pete’s Produce Farm at Westtown School has been operating for 20 years and an integral part of the community. Pete partners with the Chester County Food Bank, growing and donating over five acres annually.

Nelson W. Wicas – Newtown Square, PA - Nelson  is an economist and partner in Redpoint Investment Management.  With his wife, Beth, they operate an equestrian boarding training and coaching business on their farm.


Marva Election Region

Position #1

Travis L. Goslee – Sharptown, MD

Lee W. Richardson – Willards, MD - Lee is a fifth generation farmer on his family’s Wicomico County farm. He raises corn, soybeans, and broilers.  Lee has been farming full time since he graduated from University of Delaware in 1992.  Lee serves on the Wicomico County Farm Bureau and Soil Conservation boards.

Position #2

Christopher Robert Bunting – Berlin, MD - Chris and his family have been farming for generations on Delmarva. Currently Chris, along, with his father and mother, own and operate Bunting’s Dusting, which is an aerial application service providing coverage to Somerset, Worcester, Wicomico, Sussex, Dorchester, and the Eastern Shore VA.  In addition, they till 150 acres and operate Ocean Aerial.

Dustin A. Calloway – Mardela Springs, MD


Valley Election Region

Position #1

Jared A. Burner – Luray, VA - Jared is a third generation farmer on his Page County farm.  He grows corn, soybeans, barley, and wheat, and have 200 head beef cow herd. Along with his wife, they operate Burner’s Beef LLC, a direct marketing company that sells beef to individual consumers and restaurants.

Charles R. Garber – Timberville, VA - Charles is a 9th generation farmer on 400 acres in southern Shenandoah County, VA.  There is an additional 300 acres leased.  He is the owner of Garber Farms, which consists of about 130,000 light broilers cycled seven times a year, 125 brood cows, and 200 acres of corn and soybeans.  He is also a partner in Garber Farms Equipment, which is a distributor of For-Most cattle handling equipment for VA, WV, MD, PA, and NY.  He is a board member for the Rockingham Co-operative, and has served on the nominating committee and advisory board for MAFC. He attends Manor Memorial UMC and coaches football at Broadway High School.

Position #2

Diane S. Kearns – Winchester, VA - Diane is a fifth generation farmer at Fruit Hill Orchard. Fruit Hill Orchard grows processing, cider, and organic apples. Diane is a partner in Winchester Ciderworks, is active on Valley Health System Committees, and is a trustee at Shenandoah University.

Karen U. Kwiatkowski – Mount Jackson, VA - Karen is a retired USAF Lt. Colonel and cattle farmer in Shenandoah County. She and her husband Hap are developing a herd of Pharo-influenced beef cattle, along with sheep, horses, and hay on their 115 acre farm. She teaches information systems and government classes part-time and is active in local politics. Karen and Hap have been farming for over 16 years, following in the footsteps of their grandparents who farmed in Ohio and Pennsylvania.