2019 Spring Sales Closing Date

MidAtlantic Farm Credit is reminding area producers that the sales closing date for corn, soybeans, other spring crops, and whole farm revenue protection is Friday, March 15. Please contact your crop insurance agent to discuss changes to your policy, including adjustments to your coverage level, adding or deleting a county or crop, additional options available, or cancellations. All policy adjustments must be completed and signed by this date.

As a risk management tool, crop insurance provides financial security for producers in the event a weather-related or natural disaster occurs that can lead to low production. “We encourage all farmers to be as prepared as possible for anything that may come their way,” says Kathi Levan, MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s crop insurance manager. “Weather and market conditions are very unpredictable, but crop insurance provides a safety net for you, your business, and your family.”

In 2018, Farm Credit paid out more than $4 million to its crop insurance customers in claims. “Our team of expert agents are here to work with you to find the right level of coverage for your business,”
adds Levan. “We encourage all producers to give us a call. We’re happy to review your current policy and talk through your many options to help you plan ahead.”

For more information about crop insurance and how Farm Credit can help you protect your business, please visit mafc.com/services/crop-insurance.

MidAtlantic Farm Credit Announces 2019 Spring Sales Closing Date for Crop Insurance