2016 Fall Sales Closing Dates

The crop insurance agents with MidAtlantic Farm Credit want to remind producers that important fall sales closing dates are approaching for purchasing crop insurance. Wheat and barley sales close on September 30, pasture rangeland and forage (PRF) closes on November 15, and nursery, orchards, and vineyards close on November 22.

Unpredictable weather, such as drought, hail, and other natural disasters, threaten crops and can put a farmer’s source of income at risk. “Farming is an uncertain business,” says Kathi Levan, MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s crop insurance manager. “The insurance plans we offer can help put a farmer’s mind at ease, knowing that if and when a natural disaster occurs, they are covered. Their family and their business will be protected.”

Producers are encouraged to contact their crop insurance agent as soon as possible to learn about the options available to them. “Our experienced crop insurance agents can help tailor an insurance package to fit your business’s needs,” says Levan. “We’re here to help anyone who may be considering crop insurance or who are interested in learning more about our products.”

For more information, please call MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s crop insurance agents at 888.339.3334 or visit farmcreditcropinsurance.com.