2016 Election Results are in!

MidAtlantic Farm Credit has announced the results of their 2016 board of directors and nominating committee elections.

The board of director elections winners are: Paul D. Baumgardner (Central Maryland election region); Laura M. Heilinger (Keystone election region); and Jennifer L. Rhodes (Chesapeake election region). Each member of the board of directors was elected to a four year term. There were no open positions in MidAtlantic’s Delaware, Marva, or Valley election regions.

Those elected to the 2017 nominating committee are: Paul R. Dotterer and H. Wayne Savage (Central Maryland election region); Hanna N. Cawley and Lloyd C.T. Pahlman (Chesapeake election region); Eric W. Carlson and Fred N. West, III (Delaware election region); Nelson R. Beam and John B. Kline (Keystone election region); Alan H. Hudson and Lee W. Richardson (Marva election region); Guy M. Gochenour and Diane S. Kearns (Valley election region). Each member of the nominating committee was elected to a one year term.

“One of the unique benefits of being a Farm Credit member-borrower is having the opportunity to elect your board of directors and members of the nominating committee,” says Tom Truitt, CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit. “I would like to thank all of our customers who took the time to vote, and congratulate each of this year’s winners.”

The 2016 election took place via mail, with the ballots going out to members in April. For more information about MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s board of directors, please visit our board of directors page.