2015 Election Results

MidAtlantic Farm Credit has reported the results of the 2015 board of directors and nominating committee elections.

The board of director elections winners are:
Gary L. Grossnickle (Central Maryland election region), Dale R. Hershey (Keystone election region), T. Jeffrey Jennings (Valley election region), M. Wayne Lambertson (Marva election region), and Dale J. Ockels (Delaware election region). Each member was elected to a four year term. No positions were open in the Chesapeake election region.

Those elected to the 2015 nominating committee are: Michael S. Nelson and Samuel K. Roop (Central Maryland election region); Hanna N. Cawley and William E. Sylvester (Chesapeake election region); John Travis Hastings and Jesse R. Vanderwende (Delaware election region); Bruce R. Heilinger and Kevin M. Sellers (Keystone election region); Shane I. King and Charles M. Wright, IV (Marva election region); William B. Gardner and Ward L. Zigler (Valley election region). Each member of the nominating committee was elected to a one year term.

“We take great pride in our customers taking the time each year to learn about the candidates and cast their vote for our board of directors,” says Bob Frazee, CEO of MidAtlantic Farm Credit. “It’s a great part of being a Farm Credit member-borrower. We congratulate each of the winners from this year’s elections.”

The 2015 elections took place at the annual stockholder meetings in April and by mail-in ballot. For more information about MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s board of directors, please visit mafc.com/board-of-directors.