2014 Election Results

Because we’re a cooperative, that means our members are owners. And therefore, they are able to help guide the association by serving on our board of directors or the nominating committee. The nominating committee helps identify qualified and willing candidates to run for election to the board of directors the following year. This year’s voting process took place at our annual stockholders’ meetings in April or by mail in ballot. The election results are:

Board of Directors (4 year term of office)

Central Maryland Election Region: Ralph L. Robertson, Jr.

Chesapeake Election Region: Douglas D. Scott

Delaware Election Region: Fred N. West

Keystone Election Region: Brian L. Boyd

There were no director positions open in the Marva or Valley Election Regions.

Nominating Committee (1 year term of office)

Central Maryland Election Region: David M. Crum & Michael R. Harrison, Sr. (1st alternate: Wayne E. Rhoderick; 2nd alternate: James J. Stup)

Chesapeake Election Region: Henry Covington, Jr. & Jennifer A. Debnam (1st alternate: William I. Mason, Jr.; 2nd alternate: Luke R. Howard)

Delaware Election Region: Scott R. Webb & Fred N. West III (1st alternate: Mark J. Davis; 2nd alternate: Lawrence E. Jester)

Keyston Election Region: Martin Moyer & Allen D. Balmer (1st alternate: Nelson R. Beam; 2nd alternate: Bruce Heilinger)

Marva Election Region: Susan B. Arnold & Brian T. Johnson (1st alternate: Shane I. King; 2nd alternate: Thomas S. Aydeotte II)

Valley Election Region: Barry A. Foltz & Ward L. Zigler (1st alternate: Robert W. Taylor; 2nd alternate: Charles R. Garber)

Congratulations to the newly elected members to our board of directors and nominating committee. Thank you for your dedication to serving your Farm Credit association!