What is AgPitch?

AgPitch is the culmination of an incubation process (and a lot of fun to watch/participate in)

What is an incubation process?

Simple question with a longer explanation. The process starts with prioritized problems that don’t have available solutions. It ends with a business (or other entity) providing a much needed solution to those problems

Where do the problems come from?

Active research (including interviews), surveys and other methods. These are the released publically prior to the (award winning) Challenge Events.

What is a challenge event?

It is an open event where students, entrepreneurs and others gather to work on a specific problem set that doesn’t have a current solution. Mentors and others guide them through a rapid research process. At the end, their ideas are presented and scored based on set criteria. Seed money is often awarded (big cardboard checks with a few zeros are always nice to hold).  The best ideas are then enrolled in a pre-accelerator.

What is a pre-accelerator?

A pre-accelerator is a six week, online, self-taught/paced process to test if the solution is truly feasible. At the end of the pre-accelerator, some candidates move on to an accelerator.

What is an accelerator?

This is an intense year-long (typically) process to turn your solution into a revenue positive business. At the end, the businesses give a presentation (or pitch) to a group, this is where AgPitch comes in. Some of finalists will go on to enter an incubator.

What is an incubator?

An incubator is generally a place where basic office needs (desk, internet, printer, etc…) are met. More importantly, there is enhanced access to mentors, funders, connections and contracts. Companies in incubators generally attract the attention of investors.

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