Banking services for members

Member Banking Services


View your account online or make a payment anytime of the day. Account information is updated daily so you can get up-to-date information about your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have an account with MidAtlantic Farm Credit, click here to get AccountAccess.

If you're on the go, download mobileRoots for AccountAccess app on your smart phone or tablet for instant account information. The app is available for download on iPhones and iPads through the Apple App Store or on Android devices through the Google Play store.

Want to see how AccountAccess and mobileRoots can help you? Click here to find out in less than 90 seconds!


Auto Borrow creates a seamless connection between your Farm Credit loan and Bank of America account. It automatically transfers funds between your loan and your checking account to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your money every day.

What can AutoBorrow do for you?

  • Assess your cash position accurately each day
  • Same day automatic transactions
  • Save you both money and time
  • Lower your interest expense
  • Eliminate costly wire transfers
  • Invest your idle funds making your money work for you
  • Save you money and time since writing checks or wire transfers are no longer needed
  • Allows your association to offer cash management solutions to borrowers
  • AutoDraft


AutoDraft is the easy way to pay your MidAtlantic Farm Credit loan at no cost to you. AutoDraft electronically deducts your loan installments from you back account each month, each quarter, or whenever it's due. This is just MidAtlantic's way of saying thank you, giving you peace of mind, and taking one more thing off of your to-do list.

How to sign up for Autodraft:

  1. Print the AutoDraft form
  2. Return the form to us with a voided check/deposit slip
  3. We will set the autodraft to being on the month and date that you indicate
  4. We will notify your bank about the electronic debit to your account
  5. We will send you a confirmation of your start date along with the authorization of your records


With FastCash you can transfer funds from your line of credit loan directly into your bank checking or savings account, and it's posted the next business day. Farm Credit knows how valuable your time and money are. FastCash is the most safe and dependable way to draw funds from your account. Sign up today by completing this Fast Cash Form.

SmartFunds (Funds Held)

SmartFunds earns you interest and saves you time. Park your excess funds in this account and receive an excellent rate of interest and still withdraw funds to pay insurance, taxes, or for any reason you want up to 12 times per year. You can save time when you deposit money in your account anytime. When your loan comes due it is automatically transferred to your loan payment.