Loan Refinancing for Home Mortgage

Thinking About Refinancing Your Home?

No matter the reason, Farm Credit can help.

Do you want to reduce the total cost of your interest, lower monthly payments, reduce risk, pay your loan off faster or cash-out the equity in your home? If so, Farm Credit can help you achieve those goals through refinancing.

To lower your total interest costs, we can help you refinance at a lower interest rate, a shorter term or with a new adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). ARMs are a very popular type of loan that will provide a low interest rate that will help reduce your monthly payment as compared to other loans that are usually a fixed rate, but have a greater risk since interest rates usually rise annually.

If you are looking for a lower monthly payment, we can help you extend the term life of your loan or refinance from a fixed rate to an ARM.

To expedite the pay-off of your loan, we can help you refinance your term life from 30 to 15 years or discuss making extra payments each month or year on the current loan you have.

If you have equity in your property or home, you have the option to cash out your home’s equity by refinancing at the current market property value - the money could be used for home remodeling, college tuition, debt consolidation or any other expense.