Zimmerman Farm: the face of farming

sheubrooksIn Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, the Zimmerman family is the face of farming.  If you were to ask ten people who don’t have a background in farming how they’d define a typical farm, they’d probably all give you a different answer.  But if they were to see Charles and Susan Zimmerman’s farm, they’d likely agree that yes, THAT’s what a typical farm looks like.


The Zimmerman’s realize that the public is curious about agriculture.  And in Lebanon County, PA their farm is in plain sight for the public – from their beautiful flower beds to their well-maintained buildings.  Charles hopes that when the public drives by this land that has been in their family for over 70 years, they think “I want to grab a glass of milk.”


As the third generation to operate the dairy farm that Charles’ grandparents purchased in 1943, the Zimmerman’s are introducing the fourth generation – their seven children – to what it measn to work for the good of the farm and family.


Their top priority as a family is cow care and comfort.  Their 160 cows are housed in a free stall barn and milked twice daily in a double eight parallel parlor that was built in 2003.  Within the family, two people work at each milking in order to maximize their efforts.  Their children milk cows, as well as feed the calves.


The Zimmerman’s also grow crops such as corn, alfalfa and soybeans on their 180 acres.  They make silage with the help of a nutritionist and store it in their upright silos.  As a family, they also care for a small farmstead vegetable garden and refer to it as a “stress reliever.”


To learn more about the Zimmerman family and their farming operation in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, check out page 8 in our Leader magazine.

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