West Oaks Farm: built on generations of experience

west oaksFarming most certainly is not an occupation learned over night.  Instead, it takes years of experience.  This is not a problme for the Snapp Family, owners of West Oaks Farm, LLC in Winchester, Virginia.  Farming runs deep in their blood and is more of a way of life than a job.


Joe Snapp, a ninth generation farmer, along with his wife, Mary, and their children, Ben, Levi, and Tesla, operate a little over 2,000 acres of both owned and leased land.  Twenty-six of the acres they are operating actually date back to 1755 when Lord Fairfax granted the land to the Snapp family.  Knowing much of the land they are running has been in the family for so long, Joe and Mary take pride in continuing the tradition.


Currently, the Snapp’s are running a little over 400 brood cows and 86 replacement heifers.  In addition, they also have a few steers that they sell as wholes, halves, quarters, and individual cuts at their farm market.  As for crops, this year alone, the Snapp’s grew 250 acres of corn, 190 acres of soybeans, and 170 acres of wheat – some of which goes to feed their animals and they rest is marketed.  They also baled 260 acres of hay to use and sell to horse owners.  Their orchard consists of 250 acres of apples for fresh varieties and processing, and they also grow peaches, plums, pears, cherries, and apricots.


In the farm market, in addition to all of the edible produce and goods, seasonal gifts add to the welcoming atmosphere.  They enjoy working with the community and serving agriculture.  They also find that they “buy local” push has helped their business grow immensely.


To read more about how West Oaks Farm Market is growing one step at a time and is a true family affair, check out the full article on page 10 of our Leader magazine.


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