Top 3 Tips for Summer Travel

summer travelAs families nationwide are packing their gear and heading out by car, plane and boat, recent data suggests that this summer travel season could be substantially busier than in years past.


1. Think outside of the (computer) box


Consider conducting travel research offline. The Internet has been a boon for travelers, but sometimes there is too much information out there, which can cause confusion.


There are innovative ways to take advantage of personal knowledge from actual humans. For a modest fee, consider hiring a travel agent who is familiar with the place you want to visit.


2. Use Loyalty Miles and Points


Accumulate and use award miles and points the smart way. Take some time to understand your credit card rewards program. Oftentimes, there are ways to accumulate maximum miles and points through everyday purchases, versus actually traveling. And car rental loyalty programs can also yield free rentals when needed most.


3. Watch Your Money


Don’t change money abroad. Use your ATM card but be sure you remember your PIN as a series of numbers, not letters. Many ATMs overseas don’t have keypads with letters. And, no, the number “1” is not where you find the letters “A, B, C.”


And, if your credit card charges foreign transaction fees of up to 3 percent on every purchase, explore other cards that may give you more purchasing power abroad.



So, if you are visiting anywhere interesting in the upcoming summer months, brag to us about it in our comments section.  C’mon we want to be jealous of your hiking trips or relaxing days in the sun…



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