Time Management Tips

time managementOn February 1st we offered you some tips and tricks in regards to time management (click here to read the blog).  As a follow up, here are some additional tips to help you manage your time and live a stress free and balanced life:


  • Notice and enjoy simple pleasures, such as learning or mastering a new task or skill.
  • Say “No” to too many simultaneous requests, whereas multi-tasking can sometimes mean multi-mistakes.
  • Respect your own boundaries and od you work well, giving it your full attention.
  • Pause after you finish one task before beginning another. (Pat yourself on the back, if you’d like!)
  • Set aside regular time for planning when you will not be interrupted.
  • Arrive early at work, meetings or appointments so you can compose yourself before others arrive.
  • Actively engage in personal contact in the office, such as say “Good morning” rather than go directly to your desk or office, eat in the community lunch room, or write a thank you note to a co-worker who does your a favor.
  • Create time boundaries between work and home. It’s okay to take work home occassionally, but try not to make it a habit.


Hopefully these tips will help you ring in springtime with less stress and honed time management skills.  If you would like some help, give us a call at 888.339.3334 or visit us a mafc.com.

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