The Sheubrooks’: beating the average

sheubrooksJason and Jessica Sheubrooks have beat the averages all over the realm of farming.  As full-time farmers, they are part of the only 38 percent that reported farming as the principal occupation in the 2007 Ag Census.  The Sheubrooks’ of Church Hill, Maryland contribute their farming success to opportunity, lessons learned, future planning and depending on your family.


Jason got into the field of farming because that’s what his father did.  Growing up on his parent’s corn, wheat, and soybean farm, he recalls always wanting to grow up and become a farmer.  Currently, jason owns 212 acres of which 120 acres are irrigated.  He rents 1,450 more and helps with his father’s 900 acres.  His 1,662 acre farm puts him far above average farm size – which is 375 acres for farmers under the age of 45.  They also have 2 chicken houses in which they grow about 71,800 total chickens at a time.  This is also distincitve because the average age of a chicken farmer is in their late 50’s.


Jason also knows that he has had some great opportunities knock on his door.  He says that he was lucky when the land next to his father’s came on the market and that the seller wanted the land to be farmed, not developed.  He was also lucky to have met his wife, Jessica, who is a crucial part of the operation.  Her efforts include book keeping, filing regulatory paperwork, developing nutrient management plans, and raising their four children – Wyatt, Sawyer, and newborn twins, Summer and Willow.  They have been able to beat the averages, by making wise decisions with their purchases which allows them to save for the farm and their personal future.


The most important lesson they have learned is that it is important to keep farming and family first.  No matter how hard times get, family will always be by your side and farming will always be your source of income.  Being young, successful farmers who beat the average in age, farm size, and production is pretty impressive.


To read more about the Sheubrooks’ farm, check out page 6 in our Leader magazine!

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