The 21st Century Legacy of Agriculture (Part 1)

As agriculturalists, we know the importance and relevance of our industry in the economy.   Sometime the media offers perspectives that only portray negative aspects of agriculture and farming, which causes mistruths.  But, of course we know that there are still many reasons to be excited and optimistic about the future of our industry, whereas it is the foundation of the American economy and lifestyle.


  1. Growing emerging markets in the world are demanding more food, fiber and fuel. – With the growing population, by 2050, farmers will need to produce 100 percent more food and 70 percent of that will be produced by technology enhanced efficiencies.
  2. Agriculture is five dimensional, providing food, fiber, fuel, products for the life sciences, and life experiences or agri-entertainment. – This proves that agriculturalists are thinking outside of the box to find relevance for our operations and resources available.
  3. There will be more opportunity in the next 10 years than the last 40 years. – This is opportunity to succeed and fail; timing will be crucial for farmers to capitalize on opportunities.
  4. The intergenerational transfer of farm business provides opportunities for young people in farm and non-farm families. – Since 21 percent of farm families have no next generation, this gives opportunities to young aspiring agriculturalists to align with an older producer outside of their family in order to continue their legacy.
  5. The future of agriculture is very exciting because there is not “one size that fits all.” – All farms focus on different proficiencies: natural or organic, flexibility of a business plan, efficiency in the field, and/or effective business management, giving various farms a competitive edge in the market.


Check back tomorrow to see the remaining 5 reasons to why there is some excitement and opportunities available in the future of farming and agriculture.

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