Simple Thank You

On Saturday night, the University of Maryland College of Ag and Natural Resources held its annual alumni and awards banquet…and presented me with the Outstanding Alumnus award. I am truly grateful for all of the support and the opportunities that I’ve had in my life…and I am keenly aware that I have many many people to thank in my life. Below are the remarks I made in accepting the award (and yes, I kept my speech to the one minute directive I was given!):

I’m here because of the vision, commitment and sacrifices of others. I’m here because 150 years ago, Senator Justin Morrill authored visionary legislation that created our land grant college system. The Morrill Act made higher education more accessible and broadened it to include what was then called the “practical arts” such as agriculture. I’m here because my parents sent a clear message that education is important and made a commitment to support me. I’m here because I’ve had the support of my family who sacrificed our time together to enable me to do the things that have caused you to so graciously honor me. To all, I say a simple and heartfelt thank you.

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