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You may have seen our Facebook post a couple of weeks ago that announced we were one of the Most Exceptional Companies in Maryland, as selected by The Gazette of Politics and Business.

At the time, we were only told that we were one of the winners—we didn’t know what number we would be. The Gazette chooses 53 companies (they explained that they chose 53 because when you do the top 50, it always seems as if three great companies are left out. And, besides, The Gazette P&B Top 53 rhymes, so it’s a little catchier).

We were prepared to be 53rd, which would still have been a great honor (well over 100 companies applied). But the announcers went through the 50’s, the 40’s…and our name wasn’t called.

Then they announced 39-30, and still nothing. It was getting downright exciting. Finally, at number 27, they called MidAtlantic Farm Credit and we walked to the stage. As I walked between the tables (why can’t they ever seat me at the front of a room when I have to go to the stage?), I heard the announcer talk about our StartRight program, and how many young, beginning and minority farmers we’ve helped since we launched the program last year.

The 400 people in the room heard about our program, too. In fact, at the end of the night, one of the other winners came up to me and said “Congratulations! You’re doing a great thing…farmers need a company like you!”

That gentleman was right. Farmers do need a company like Farm Credit. That’s why I’m so proud to work here.

I’m sorry you couldn’t all be in the room that night, because we all know that the Most Exceptional Companies have the Most Exceptional Employees and Customers. Thank you for everything you do that makes Farm Credit a leader in the community!


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