Putting the Serve in Service

One of our speakers last week (at our annual employee appreciation/information meeting) was Charles Marshall, a motivational speaker who focuses on the importance of customer service. A couple of things he said really resonated with me, and I wanted to share them here.

Charles talked about putting the SERVE back in service. By that, he means that each employee (of any company–so feel free to share this with your staff!) should always strive to:

S–Surprise their customers with their passion and excitement for the services that Farm Credit offers.

E–Evaluate the customers’ needs every time you talk to them. It’s so important to listen to the challenges that the customer is facing, so that you can

R–Respond to those needs. Then, after the transaction is complete,

V–Validate the customers’ decision to work with you. It’s a big honor to be chosen as a customers’ financial partner, and we should all remember to

E–Express our thankfulness to our customers.

When I saw these five actions demonstrated in Mr. Marshall’s presentation, I made a note to thank our customers when I returned to the office.

Thank you for choosing MidAtlantic Farm Credit. It’s a great tribute to our staff and our reputation that you chose us to be your lending partner.


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