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Yesterday, you read about the importance of knowing how you plan to use your land. Today, we’re going to talk about location, location, location! A home in the country will set the stage for making changes in your life, such as developing a hobby or enjoying a less stressful environment. But if you’re looking for. Read More »

From the Allegheny Mountains of Western Maryland to the rolling farmland of Pennsylvania to the quaint coastal towns of Delaware, the mid-Atlantic area offers something for everyone who is dreaming of their very own place in the country. If you’ve been contemplating a move to a rural location, with some careful planning, research and legwork,. Read More »

If you think you just need to keep your records for tax purposes, you could be missing profit opportunities. If you are not keeping detailed records, there are plenty of resources to help you get started including your Farm Credit account executive. Whenever the topic of records comes to mind, everyone immediately thinks of financial. Read More »

Just about every day of the week, we get calls that go something like this: Customer: I just got a better rate at the bank than what you offered me on my farm loan. Us: What fees and costs do you have to pay? Customer: I didn’t ask. Us: Please ask them what the fees. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit announced the winner of their annual meeting grand prize, a John Deere Gator. The winner was Leo Duncan of Frederick, MD. (View the YouTube video of the prize presentation.) Mr. Duncan is a retired athletic director and math teacher who moved back to his family farm in Frederick county about 13 years. Read More »

When you apply for a car loan, mortgage, or other financing, the loan officer tells you that they must pull your credit score. What does that mean? How is it figured? Let us explain a bit more about credit scoring and how it affects your ability to receive credit in today’s market. There are three. Read More »

Some folks say that it’s impossible to start farming now. And even if you could find a great property, it’s hard to find a lender who is willing to talk to you. While that is probably true at times, thankfully, you’ve arrived at the one lender who is always willing to talk to you. After. Read More »

Kathi Levan, crop insurance manager, has announced the hiring of Jordan Risser as a crop insurance sales representative for MidAtlantic Farm Credit’s Penn region. According to Levan, Risser’s responsibility will be business development and acquiring new crop insurance customers throughout the 15 county territory in southeastern Pennsylvania which makes up the Penn Region. “The crop. Read More »

Yesterday we shared 13 of the 26 factors that affect your rate. Today, we’re sharing the other 13! So, here goes: 1. Co-borrowers – will there be other people on the loan, and if so, what does their credit look like? All parties involved in the loan will be used in determining the rate. 2.. Read More »

In our previous post, we shared some of the frequently asked questions to a lender. One of those questions was “what’s your rate?” And the answer was “it depends.” That’s not the answer most people want to hear, but it’s true. There are approximately 26 different factors that goes into quoting rates. We’ll share 13. Read More »