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Heating and cooling total about 44 percent of your home’s energy costs, so careful attention to temperature settings can reap big savings. “Ceiling fans cool the room in summer and only cost 10 percent as much as air conditioning,” says Abby Buford, a spokesperson for Lowe’s. “And it’s easy to install one.” Lowe’s makes it. Read More »

There are lots of other ways to save money on your water usage. By now, you know to take a shower instead of a bath (you’ll save about 50 percent of the water), to turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, and to run full loads, whether you’re doing the dishes or the. Read More »

Your appliances are some of the biggest energy consumers in your whole house. And the biggest of the big is your refrigerator. “If you’ve been meaning to replace it but feel bad about getting something new when something old “sorta” works, think again,” says Danny Seo. “A refrigerator that’s ten years old is likely to. Read More »

You have vampires in your home. They’re not exactly undead, but they’re appliances that continue to suck energy even when they are turned off. According to the Department of Energy, vampire energy loss represents between five and eight percent of a single family home’s total electricity use per year. That’s almost an extra month’s bill!. Read More »

You know that you should be saving energy at home. After all, in the United States, buildings (that includes your house) account for 36 percent of our total energy use, 65 percent of our electricity consumption, and 12 percent of all potable water consumed. In fact, according to the Green Building Resource Center, a typical. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit, an agricultural lending cooperative, recently announced the results of their annual election of board and nominating committee members. The following were elected to serve on the cooperative’s board of directors: Deborah A. Benner, Mt. Joy, PA and Jennifer L. Rhodes, Centreville, MD. Benner, along with her husband, owns and operates Yippee Farms,. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit, a members-owned cooperative and a lending institution of the nation-wide Farm Credit System, recently announced financial results for the first quarter of 2012. Net income for the quarter was $10.7 million compared with $10.8 million for the first quarter of 2011. Net interest income for the first quarter was $16.8 million, the. Read More »

Those are just a few of the things you will find at your neighborhood farmers market this month. Along with lots of other vegetables and herbs such as: asparagus chard fava beans garlic green onions/scallions new potatoes oregano parsley parsnips pea greens radishes rhubarb spinach strawberries To find a farmers market in your neighborhood, visit. Read More »

So, we’ve talked about activity, location, knowing the area, and beginning your property search online. Tip #5 is zoning. If you have grand plans for your site, wish to build a home or make improvements to an existing one, or want to ensure that a mall or highway isn’t in the offing nearby, contact the. Read More »

Begin your property search online. Browsing Internet real estate listings is an efficient way to begin researching the wide array of rural properties and pricing, and you may even serendipitously discover a new-to-you town offering the perfect parcel of land. Through the property information available online, you can then search local government agencies to gain. Read More »