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The end of January is approaching quickly and the first month of 2013 will be history.  Are you looking for something to do within the agriculture community before the love-struck month of February begins?  Our events calendar stays up to date with exciting events going on within the Mid-Atlantic region including tradeshows, fairs and meetings.  . Read More »

America’s farmers take serious obligation to make sure their animals are well-cared for, in addition to providing consumers and thier own families with safe, nutritious food. They work closely with veterinarians to ensure that their animals receive the best possible care-seven days a week, 52 weeks per year.  This includes food, water and shelter, in. Read More »

Today’s agriculture is diverse, made up of farmers and ranchers who grow conventional, biotech and organic crops.  They also raise traditional and specialized livestock for meat, milk and eggs.  Whether big or small, today’s farmers recognize that they have an obligation to provide a safe, abundant food supply.   Farm and ranch families comprise 2. Read More »

For our final day of social media tips focused on your farm or agribusiness, we’re discussing blogs, Pinterest and YouTube.  Once you have a Facebook and Twitter account established, these are great social media platforms to engage your customers with next.   Blogs   Do you want to inform others about the great things your. Read More »

Thanks for coming back to check out our series on social media in agriculture.  Today’s focus is on Facebook and Twitter.   Facebook   You most likely already have a Facebook page for your farm or agribusiness (and if you don’t, get one) and it didn’t take you long to tally up a few fans. . Read More »

A couple of months ago, a friend was in a meeting where the speaker asked the audience what color YIELD signs were.  Someone quickly yelled out “yellow and black,” and the speaker then asked how many people in the audience thought that YIELD signs were yellow and black. And that friend confidently raised their hand.   In fact, YIELD signs. Read More »

Press Release: Westminster, Maryland (PRWEB) January 08, 2013   MidAtlantic Farm Credit is celebrating a financially successful year by distributing over $10.2 million in cash to its member/borrowers through its patronage program. In April of this year, the cooperative lender also returned $10.2 million in cash to its member/borrowers.   MidAtlantic Farm Credit, a member-owned. Read More »

During and following the holiday season, many local charitable organizations work hard to replenish food supplies in order to help those in need.  MidAtlantic Farm Credit took part in helping those organizations replenish their food supply by hosting their “Hungry to Help” food drive in December of 2012.   During the food drive, the lender’s 17. Read More »

  What is your favorite part of annual meetings?  Is it the food, the fellowship, the speakers – or how about the great take-home item at the end of the night?   Well, this year we need your help to determine what the giveaway item will be.  We have narrowed it down to three choices. Read More »

Are you looking to purchase or sell your home, lot, office space or rental property this year?  If so, it’s important to take a look at the housing  and real estate market so that you will know what will be expected of you – as a buyer or a seller.   Forbes says that the. Read More »