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More farmers and ranchers are getting closer to their customers, and finding that they can capture a higher margin when they grow vegetable or meat products with a specific consumer market in mind.  Are you?   Farmers are benefiting from the “eat local” trend, finding ways to sell direct-to-retail and capture a higher profit margin. Read More »

There is no doubt that women play a significantly different role in agriculture today, than 75 years ago, or even 25 years ago!  Today, women are leaders on the farm, in agribusinesses, government ag agencies, extension programs, and more.  The 2013 Women in Agriculture conference showcases women excelling in the industry and helps women recognize. Read More »

You’ve made a decision to expand your existing business or start a new operation.  The business plan is complete; you’ve figured out the structure of the business; you’ve even considered your customer base. So, now you are wondering, “what is next?”  Next, you are ready to talk to your lender to secure the funds needed. Read More »

by: Teresa Gleockler, crop insurance specialist   Welcome back to our “Crop Insurance Friday” blog series.  Today, I will be discussing our crop insurance partnerships and outlining the basics of insurance.  I have lots to share, so let’s get started:   Our Partnerships When the Farm Service Agency stopped selling crop insurance in 1997, it became. Read More »

On February 1st we offered you some tips and tricks in regards to time management (click here to read the blog).  As a follow up, here are some additional tips to help you manage your time and live a stress free and balanced life:   Notice and enjoy simple pleasures, such as learning or mastering. Read More »

Biotechnology is a collection of technologies applied to medicine, agriculture and environmental management that solve problems or enhance products through cellular and molecular processes.   Agricultural biotechnology increases crop yields, preserves and improves soils, and enhances the control of pests weeds and harmful diseases, in addition to producing healthier foods.  In countries where biotech crops. Read More »

Farmers are truly protectors of the land – they take land stewardship and protecting natural resources really seriously.  And to be honest, we should all follow in their footsteps and do the same.   Conservation tillage, a way of farming that reduces erosion (soil loss) on cropland while using less energy, has grown from 17 percent. Read More »

By: Steve Grant, crop insurance sales representative   We often find ourselves wondering why we do things – including why should you buy crop insurance, and especially why should you handle it with Farm Credit, right?  Ask any of our current customers and they could tell you, but since you’re here, allow me to fill. Read More »

And the title says it all…WE LOVE FARMERS!  And you want to know why?  They are really incredible, service-oriented people who spend their entire lives working for human kind – as food producers.  Without farmers, we would be hungry, unclothed, without shelter, and much more.  On a day like Valentine’s Day when you are celebrating. Read More »

When you apply for a car loan, mortgage, or any other financing, the loan officer tells you that they must pull your credit score.  But really – what does that mean?  And how is it figured?  Let us explain a bit more about credit scoring and how it affects your ability to receive credit in. Read More »