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St. Patrick’s Day is often a day of avoiding pinches by wearing the color green and trying out your Irish luck.  And it’s definitely true that luck comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – a heads up penny, a winning lottery ticket, a 4 leaf clover, hitting every green light on the way. Read More »

  By: Jason Wisecarver, crop insurance sales representative       Hello, all!  Welcome to our final segment of the Crop Insurance Friday mini-series.  Today, I’ll be discussing the steps of how to file your claim as well as give you a list of some future dates that you need to be aware of for. Read More »

Press Release: State Department of Agriculture Joins with Maryland Public Television to Showcase Maryland Agriculture ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 8, 2013) — The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) in cooperation with Maryland Public Television (MPT) is co-producing a 13-part television series showcasing many facets of Maryland agriculture and farming. The series of half-hour shows tentatively titled. Read More »

Since e-mail is one of the most common forms of communication, especially is the business world, it is important to keep in mind proper e-mail etiquette before pressing “send”.  Emails can also be more effective in making your point when it obeys the rules, so here’s what you need to know:   1. Include the. Read More »

Customers of MidAtlantic Farm Credit should plan to attend one of the regional stockholders’ meetings scheduled in April.  Meeting attendees will join fellow stockholders, directors and staff of MidAtlantic Farm Credit for a meal, as well as hear an update on the association’s plans for 2013. Entertainment will follow the business portion of the meeting.. Read More »

This blog was posted by Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture.   Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. What better day to recognize the incredible achievements of women in agriculture?   Women have always played a key role on the farm or ranch. Traditionally, women often kept the books. Read More »

By: Kelly Bailey, crop insurance specialist Welcome back to our Crop Insurance Friday series! And since it’s sales closing time in the crop insurance department, I must ask – have you talked to your agent yet?   If you are one of our crop insurance customers, you should have received your premium quote in the. Read More »

By now you should have received your tax and income statement information from the company you work for. If you haven’t, it is suggested that you contact them right away, and we mean, as in yesterday!  For the “quick and dirty” on tips you should know for filing your taxes, check out the IRS’s list.. Read More »

So, you’re still wondering how they did it?  How our previous generations survived the Great Depression with no money, cell phones, or cable TV?  We’re just kidding…but here are a few more ways to make the most of what you have, based on lessons we’ve learned from the Depression:   6. Treat food with respect: . Read More »

Most of you reading this (including ourselves), have no recollection of the Great Depression and have a difficult time imagining what life what like during this period of our history.  For most of us, we hear stories from our parents and grandparents about their life struggles and challenges they faced.   We are fortunate enough. Read More »