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By: Kurt Fuchs, government affairs officer In the waning days of 2013, we thought it appropriate to offer a quick status update on the ever-elusive farm bill. Both the House and Senate passed their respective legislative packages earlier in the year, each with roughly $500 billion in spending, but with significant differences in farm support. Read More »

Although making resolutions to improve your financial situation is a good thing to do at any time of year, many people find it easier at the beginning of a new year. Regardless of when you begin, the basics remain the same. Here are the top ten keys to getting ahead financially.   1. Get Paid. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing intern The Holiday season brings warm and fuzzy feelings to many as they celebrate and ring in the New Year with family and friends. However, some of the members of our communities are struggling through difficult financial times and rely on the efforts of their surrounding community to aide in lifting. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing intern As the year 2013 begins to wrap up, everyone seems to be busy finishing last minute projects and rushing to meet year-end deadlines all while preparing for the inevitable holiday rush that is so prevalent this time of year. In the mix of all the hustle and bustle, many get. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit, a members-owned cooperative and an institution of the national Farm Credit System, recently reported their third quarter financial results for 2013. Net income for the quarter was $10.0 million, a 15.6 percent decrease compared to the third quarter of 2012. Net interest income for the third quarter was $16.9 million, a 0.9. Read More »

Just about every day of the week, we get calls that go something like this: Customer: I just got a better rate at the bank than what you offered me. MAFC Loan Officer: What fees and costs do you have to pay? Customer: I didn’t ask. MAFC Loan Officer: Please ask them what the fees and. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing intern From the turkey roasting in the oven, to the apple pie cooling on the counter, we have many things to be thankful for during the holiday season. With our friends and family gathered around to enjoy a plentiful bounty of good food and even better company, sometimes we overlook other. Read More »

by: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing intern Thanksgiving is upon us and approaching quicker than ever. All that planning, preparing and cooking can sure be hectic, but no worries! MidAtlantic Farm Credit has just the Turkey Day fun to turn your frown upside down! Thanksgiving Fun Facts Almost 280 million turkeys are sold every year for Thanksgiving celebrations.. Read More »

Does farming have you stressed out? Well, that’s understandable; there is a lot to worry about – health of your animals, time management, weather, crop damage, harvest and planting season, and the list goes on and on! For your health, it is important to take time to relax and learn to cope with stress on. Read More »

As the holidays are arriving, we should take time to appreciate the people around us and the opportunities we’ve been given throughout the year. The folks at the Frederick, MD Office deserve our recognition and appreciation as they have been spreading good will within and outside of the office. Loan Specialist, Becky Daniel came up with. Read More »