October is National Farm to School Month

Farmers are important not only on a large scale, but on a small scale too. We need farmers to provide food for the everNational Farm to School Network growing population, and what better place to start then in our schools? The National Farm to School Network began in the late 1990s advocating the incorporation of local foods into school systems. They have grown from a few schools to over 40,000 schools currently, providing information, networking, and resources to support community leaders looking to make their communities even stronger.

A few different ways they implement their mission are by serving and promoting locally grown foods in the cafeteria, educating students about agriculture and nutrition, and by starting school gardens where students can dig a little deeper into what it means to grow your own food.

If you’re interested in what the National Farm to School Network has to offer this month, check out their website for guest blogs, a chance to win $1,000 for a farm to school project, and many other great resources.

We want to know: how does your community support your local farmers?

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