The New Generation Farmer: National Value Added Conference Recap

By: Debbie Stremmel, marketing specialist

new generation farmerLast week I had the opportunity to attend the National Value Added Conference in Baltimore, MD along with many other staff members from our association. As an association, we were excited that two of our staff members, Bill Kitsch and Angel Adams were chosen to give a presentation on a study they conducted with Temple University regarding new generation farmers. Bill Kitsch is the sales manager in our Penn region and Angel Adams is our association’s marketing manager.

The study, titled, “The New Generation Farmer” is focused on the smaller sustainable, local and organic farming community. Our interest in conducting a study like this stems from our desire to serve the new generation farmer through lending and financing, as they are an upcoming force in the agriculture industry.

The National Value Added Conference provided the perfect platform to share our findings; that the new generation farmer is values-driven and community oriented. They are good neighbors with a respect for the environment and a keen focus on their quality of life.

One of the more unique qualities of the new generation farmer is their ability to work multiple distribution channels. Unlike the traditional farmer’s products who typically sell through a broker or distributor, wholesalers and retailers, and then to the consumer, the new generation farmer often sell directly to the consumer. The direct to the consumer concept requires an ability to develop and sustain relationships, which is fundamental in the success of their farming business. This new generation farmer has to not only understand how to grow and produce their product, but also how to take their product to market.

To download the presentation slides, click here: New Generation Farmer Presentation.  If you’re interested in obtaining a free copy of the white paper we produced on our new generation farmer study, email us at or leave us a comment and we’ll be glad to send you one!

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