Meeting the People

In the past two weeks, I’ve talked to a ton of people at our annual stockholder meetings. In fact, I may have seen you! We had a total of almost 1800 people at the five meetings.

I made a deliberate effort to talk to borrowers that I didn’t know at each of the meetings. Some nights I got caught up talking to some of our guests, or I visited with borrowers that I had met before, and as a result I spoke with less people than I wanted to (although it’s always nice to catch up with old friends too!). No matter who I spoke to each night, I heard time and time again that Farm Credit is the nicest organization that they’ve ever worked with.

Now, I hear that every year, but it never gets old! I think they’re right…and I’d like to thank our staff for that. There is no such thing as a friendly organization—just friendly people looking out for their customers.

This year, I also heard from borrowers who said that no one else was making agricultural loans in their area, and they were grateful that we had not lost our commitment to our borrowers. That means a lot to me too. It’s great to be nice, but it’s wonderful to be needed.

Earlier this week, I sent an email to all staff thanking them for building our reputation in the community. I know that that kind of goodwill grows just one person at a time, and I know it represents a lot of emails, phone calls and visits. I really appreciate their efforts in making MidAtlantic an important partner for the ag community.

If you were able to attend one of our meetings…I hope I got a chance to talk to you. If not, feel free to respond to this blog—I’m always happy to talk to our borrowers!


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