Maryland Nutrient Application Requirements: What’s in Effect NOW

Nutrient application and management is very important to farmers in order to reduce environmental pollution and associated risks of contamination.  Here is a summary, according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, of what nutrient application requirements are in effect right now:


  • Chemical fertilizer may be applied from September 1 to November 15 for a growing crop, as long as University of Maryland recommendations are followed.
  • Organic nutrients (except poultry litter) may be applied from March 1 to November 15 for an existing crop, a fall planted crop, or a crop that is planted the following spring, as long as University of Maryland recommendations are followed.
  • Poultry litter may be applied in spring and fall for an existing crop or crops planted for the upcoming season, if it is applied following University of Maryland recommendations.
  • Organic nutrient sources must be injected or incorporated into the soil within 48 hours of application. Certain exceptions exist.
  • Winter application (November 16 to March 1) of chemical fertilizer is prohibited. Exceptions exist for green up of perennial forage crops and small grains as well as greenhouse, cool season grass sod production, and vegetable and fruit production, if applications are performed following University of Maryland recommendations.
  • Use of potash and liming materials is not restricted in winter.
  • Manure deposited directly by livestock is not restricted at any time of the year.
  • Winter application of organic nutrient sources is permitted on cropland — with certain restrictions — until the 2016 deadline if: an operation has inadequate manure storage through March 1, the manure/waste is non-stackable, and/or there is no other reasonable option to manage the manure.


To learn more about the upcoming new nutrient application and management regulations, check back to our blog tomorrow and we’ll have the information available.


Source: University of Maryland Extension

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