Mackintosh Fruit Farm: A fresh produce paradise

BlueberriesNot everyone has a green thumb for growing fruits and vegetables, nor the time or place to do so.  But for Bill and Lori Mackintosh, owners of Mackintosh Fruit Farm in Berryville, Virginia, they have done just that – taken their love for growing things (and obvious green thumbs) into a successful business.


Bill says he never envisioned his family’s farm, which was first purchased in the 1940’s, turning into what it is today.  What once began as a horse and cow farm has now evolved into approximately 50 acres of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nursery trees.  From blackberries to cabbage, tomatoes to sweet cherries – Mackintosh Fruit Farm has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


After building their permanent on-farm market five years ago, Bill and Lori have seen their business grow rapidly.  The market opens each spring with strawberry season and closes each fall following pumpkin picking. In addition, the market offers fresh baked goods such as pies and pastries, seasonal homemade ice cream, honey from hives on the farm, jams and jellies, and cider, as well as a small restaurant that is open daily.


For the community, the Mackintosh’s also offer cooking classes, monthly dinners featuring fresh from the farm produce, and local entertainment.


With their fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as their nursery stock, Bill and Lori strive to use very few herbicides and pesticides.  When needed, they only use products that are safe from both humans and the environment.  They work closely with local land grant colleges to keep up to par with new products and practices.


Mackintosh Fruit Farm is truly a fresh produce paradise and an obvious family affair (especially since kids Taylor and Madison join the force part-time).  If you are ever in the Berryville, Virginia area, be sure to stop by for a visit and say “Hello” to Bill and Lori who believe that maintaining a profitable business while doing something rewarding like providing products that improve people’s health…is the best it gets!

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