Longenecker Poultry Hatches Success over Many Generations

poultryIn the poultry industry, an industry that changes as frequently as the weather, today it’s not unusual for farming within families to be discontinued in contrast to previous generations. In our most recent Leader, we take a look at Longenecker’s Hatchery and how their multi-generational business has survived through the years.

Starting with breeder hens and incubators for chicks, Clayton Longenecker began his hatchery in 1919 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As time went on, the family business added broiler houses, adapted to a market devastated by avian influenza, and developed their breeder program that is still being used today. The family’s long-term and hard-earned success story is still currently being continued as the fifth generation member, Andrew, studies agribusiness management at Penn State and spends a large amount of time learning the about every aspect of the hatchery.

Farm Credit is proud to invest in the poultry industry and have helped the Longenecker Hatchery finance their second hatchery, so they can continue to grow, just like the quality chicks they raise. To read the full story about the Longenecker Hatchery, check out page 4 of our most recent issue of the Leader.

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