Leader Feature: Technology Grows in the Orchard, too!

technology, orchardAs technology grows more advanced every day in the ag industry, operations need to decide whether to invest in staying a step ahead of the game or risk falling behind. Bowman Fruit Sales in Timberville, Virginia, have chosen to stay competitive in the orchard business by implementing tons of new technology while still preserving the top quality of their Turkey Knob Apples.

Using new photo and sorting technology, the company is able to efficiently weed out defective apples and sort the good ones by size, color, weight and PLU stickers to arrange for further automatic packaging. Bowman Fruit Sales packs and sells 100 percent of all apples produced by the alliance between his orchards and other growers, called Turkey Knob Growers.

To read the full story of Turkey Knob Apples and how technology is changing their operation for the better, check out page 10 of our most recent issue of the Leader.  To learn more about Turkey Knob Growers, checkout their website at turkeyknobapples.com.

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