Leader Feature: Getting “Dairy” High-Tech

dairyWith the average dairy herd size being around 100 cows, the Jones family’s herd of about 2,650 presents their operation not only with greater challenges than normal but even greater rewards. The family manages their herd on a 2,000 acre farm, using an ample amount of acreage to grow forage for the herd, mix and store the feed, and run their dairy operation.

Managing a herd this large is no walk in the park, but for the Jones family, they welcome the challenges with open arms. Innovation and technology has been the key in coming up with better, more efficient ways to manage feed waste, the treatment of phosphorus waste to create fertilizer, and utilizing clean energy to run the operation.

To read the full story about how the Jones family is growing their operation with the use of technology, check out page 9 in our most recent issue of the Leader.

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