Fawnwood Farms: Keeping Dairying a family matter

dairyIn order to start any business venture, it takes capital. Whether you have money saved to begin your operation or are seeking start up loans, chances are, you’ll have to work out financing with a lender at some point. For Tom and Alice Mason of Fawnwood Farms in Chestertown, Maryland, it was the $5,000 loan from Farm Credit that helped them build their dairying operation from the ground up.

It all started with Alice’s grandmother who bought the 150-acre farm that Alice’s father would eventually farm as a dairyman. Because he stopped farming before the couple began, Tom and Alice started their operation with only outside jobs to help finance their dreams. Expanding their operation began when they decided to build a silo to store corn for the following year and has continued ever since. Tom and Alice’s son, Andy, and his wife, Valerie, have helped the operation grow by implementing new breeding practices to achieve the best genetic diversity among their herd and building a new farm that caters to providing greater comfort to the herd.

We are proud of the hard work our customers put into their operations and eagerly anticipate the successes of their future generations of farmers. To read more about Fawnwood Farms and how they’re improving their operations, check out page 9 of our most recent issue of the Leader.

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