Delaware state vet advises strategies to preserve chicken safety

Vigilance is key for poultry farmers interested in staving off flock infections, particularly as the weather gets colder, according to a press release issued by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Heather Hirst, veterinarian for the department, advises raising biosecurity practices, which will help with the prevention of poultry diseases. Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease and Larynotracheitis are three of the more prominent diseases and are easily passed by aerosols, dead birds, feed that becomes contaminated and visitors, among other methods.

She recommends allowing authorized visitors to farms and mandating all visitors sign in while noting the reason for their visit. Once on farm grounds, they should adhere to biosecurity requirements.

People caring for chickens should use shoes and clothes that have been approved for use on farms. The method of discarding dead birds should adhere to state and company approved procedure.

Cleaning and disinfection procedures should be properly executed for all equipment before gaining entry to a poultry house occupied by birds.

Hirst also suggests not keeping other birds and animals near the commercial broiler area.

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