Where does your child’s lunch come from?

By: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing intern

farm to school month

I can vividly remember back four or five years ago, sitting at a table in my high school’s cafeteria, chatting with my friends and happy to finally be welcoming fall weather (and that definitely didn’t include 90 degree days!). Although I sat in that cafeteria five days a week for a precious hour and fifteen minutes every day for four years, I never once thought about where the food I bought every day came from.

After starting my internship and completing my training with MidAtlantic Farm Credit, I can confidently say that I have a greater awareness of the different foods I purchase and value the hard work and time that local farmers put into their crops. This heightened awareness however, is far overdue. October is celebrated as National Farm to School Month, which focuses on educating children on the work farmers do that is important to community health, local economy growth and providing children the nutrients they need to learn and grow.

Teaching children about how farmers provide for their communities can give them the basic skills to make healthier food choices and an appreciation for the process that farmers go through almost every day to produce the milk, eggs, bacon and other delicious items that they consume on a daily basis. The Farm to School programs also allow for the opening of new farmers’ markets and expansion into the community.

Agriculture is such a widespread industry that is constantly growing, ranging from small urban organic vegetable gardens to the traditional acre-upon-acre farmsteads that specialize in livestock or grain; there is an aspect that can appeal to anyone. To keep the agriculture industry growing and expanding, educating the younger generations about farming and local foods could inspire “future farmers” to pursue their agricultural dreams to help support the communities they love.

For more information about Farm to School Month and getting your community involved, visit www.farmtoschoolmonth.org.

How do you educate your children about where their food comes from? Comment below and let us know!

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