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Since the 2014 Farm Bill was signed into law in early February, the United States Department of Agriculture has been working to implement the many programs and policies that touch nearly every American in one way or another.  Though there is still much work to be done, in the article linked below, Secretary of Agriculture. Read More »

The United States Department of Agriculture has launched a newly designed and optimized website specifically for new and beginning farmers. Since American agriculture is so diverse, new and beginning farmers are growing traditional crops and new varieties, as well as organic produce heirloom products. They also are focused on row crop farms, employing cutting edge. Read More »

Farm Credit is committed to our mission of offering credit to agriculture and rural America. Check out this recent announcement from USDA and Farm Credit about beginning a rural investment fund! Click here to read the article from the New York Times.

MidAtlantic Farm Credit announced the hiring of Hannah Masser as a loan officer trainee. She will be based out of the association’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania office. As a loan officer trainee, Masser will report directly to Bill Kitsch, sales manager for MidAtlantic Farm Credit, and will focus on working with existing customers while expanding the company’s. Read More »

The LEAD Maryland Foundation, Inc. (LEAD) is seeking applicants for its next class of LEAD Fellows.  Program information and the application are available at  or the University of Maryland Extension’s website at . Completed applications are due to LEAD by October 1, 2014 for participation in 2015-2016. LEAD Maryland awards two-year fellowships to. Read More »

Last week, CEO Bob Frazee went to the Capitol to give Congress a briefing on the credit climate in rural America. After his testimony, he got a note from Congressman Peterson’s staff—there were some VIP’s who wanted to meet him! Bob was happy to meet these students from South Carolina State, part of a CWF. Read More »

Country life isn’t just about tractors and cows. For many, living in the country means supporting a family, maintaining a close connection with the earth, and providing opportunities for future generations. At Cave Ridge Vineyard in Mount Jackson, Virginia, Randy Phillips has worked hard to build an operation that he hopes will one day support. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, MidAtlantic Farm Credit Just as it is important to test your livestock for disease, it is also in your best interest as a farmer to test your soil before fertilizing and planting your crops. On the surface, one soil sample can look similar to another, leading one to believe that they contain. Read More »

In order to start any business venture, it takes capital. Whether you have money saved to begin your operation or are seeking start up loans, chances are, you’ll have to work out financing with a lender at some point. For Tom and Alice Mason of Fawnwood Farms in Chestertown, Maryland, it was the $5,000 loan. Read More »

By: Meaghan Malinowski, marketing assistant Back in fifth grade, I remember the yearlong science experiment of putting banana peels and lunch scraps into an empty two liter bottle and watching the decomposing process take place. This experiment was taught under the values of reducing, reusing and recycling; three important concepts I know now create a. Read More »