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In our latest issue of the Leader magazine , we looked at four young, beginning and small farmers on their journey to building their operations. We took this issue’s Talkin’ Shop questions to our loan officers to get some further insight on what questions these farmers have for us and some organizations that provide further resources.. Read More »

When you’ve been around as long as we have, it’s easy to wonder how it all started, where it began and what it looked like. In preparation for our centennial  milestone, July 2016, we’re asking our customers and followers to help us collect Farm Credit memorabilia that dates back to the beginning. This memorabilia can be. Read More »

If you read our recent posts regarding the Farm Credit Centennial, you’re well aware of what was happening a little over 100 years ago and why the United States needed to establish systems to support their rural communities. If you missed them, you can click here to read about how the Farm Credit System came about,. Read More »

If you looked through last year’s calendar photo contest winners, you would see many different aspects of agriculture. One thing that all of these photos have in common is that they make us feel like home. Usually when you think of home, you think of a place, but this was a little different. We had so many. Read More »

Agriculture is important, and we mean that in more ways than one. It’s important to the farmer, the farmer’s family, the community in which they live and work, and, on a grander scale, the world. We need farmers to provide for a growing world, which also means we need to continue to find ways to. Read More »

Farm Credit announced a nationwide search to identify and honor 100 leaders who are changing the future of rural communities and agriculture for the better. Nominations for the Farm Credit 100 Fresh Perspectives search will be accepted until December 18.   “We’re encouraging anyone who has made important contributions to the agriculture industry to apply;. Read More »

Today marks the beginning of Farm Credit’s 100th year of service to agriculture and rural communities. Our world needs farmers and supporting those farmers is a mission we stand behind; in fact, we were built for it. Throughout the next year, we’ll be celebrating the history of Farm Credit and agriculture while looking forward to the. Read More »

It’s that time of year again! The roads are busier than ever with folks traveling for vacations and trips. You’ll also notice more farm equipment on the roads as farmers bale hay, harvest vegetables and spray for weeds along with our equestrian folks enjoying the beautiful weather on horseback. During this time, it’s important to. Read More »

Recently, we have been notified of an increase in fraudulent caller reports and phishing scams. These calls are disguised well, as they often appear to be from one of the company’s phone numbers and use official terminology requesting payment on overdue accounts. The calls may also leave a message for you to call them back. Read More »

MidAtlantic Farm Credit has selected the students who will receive a combined total of $18,000 in college scholarships. The recipients are located throughout the five states MidAtlantic Farm Credit serves.   This year’s scholarship recipients are: David Bassler of New Windsor, Maryland (son of Ralph and Stacey Bassler); Jacqueline Bauer of Dayton, Maryland (daughter of Ricky. Read More »